"Oh Benson! Why are you shutting the park down? Why?!" Pops screamed. Benson put down his suitcase, walked over to Pops and said, "Look. The park is being shut down because we don't need it anymore. Mordecai is on the proffesional football league with Don, Rigby is owner of the DING DING FUN Arcade, Skips is working on joining the psychic club." "What about Muscle man and High Five ghost, Benson?" Pops questioned. "Probably hanging with his mom." "And I myself, is the mall's gumball machine." Benson said.

Pops ran away screaming and sat under a tree. "NOT GOOD SHOW! NOT GOOD SHOW AT ALL!!" He shouted. He took a lolipop from his pocket and started sucking on it to calm himself down. "Oh do I miss the Sixties...all my good friends were there...Snaps, Crackles.....oh they put on a good show." Pops picked up a book that said, "THE BOOK OF GOOD SHOWS" and started reading it.

-Back in the 1960s-

"YO POPS! HAND ME SOMEMORE LOLIPOPS!" Pop's friend Crackle yelled.

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