it is a sequel to the spoon from the amazing world of gumball


mordecai and rigby went to the store to buy Anthony a present. But sudennly bob the finger print begins robbing the store and tricks them.


it was a good afternoon in the park

benson: alright guys did you guys made presents for Anthony

mordecai rigby and pops: yes

benson: good

pops: hey benson did you made a present for anhtony

benson: hahaha no

mordecai: you forgot

benson: all man I forgot to make a present so you two mordecai and rigby get a present to Anthony for me

rigby: you can count on us benson(left)

benson; I hope they know what they were doing

at the gas station

lary: well,i have to wait til someone buys something

mordecai and rigby:(walking threw the door) hello sir(left)

bob the fingerprint appeared

lary:(being scared) uhh what can I get ya sir

bob: well I want to uhh rob the money

lary: i'm sorry sir but i'm not giving them to you because umm they not available

bob: how about(holds the fork) this

lary: omg hes got the fork (running) ahhhhhh(knocked out by a wall)

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