This is a episode about AT and RS.

(It started in the candy kingdom)

Finn:Hi PB,what are you doing.

Jake:It looks weird.


Princess Bubblegum:I'm making a diemention walker,you could go in different diementions.

Finn:Sooooo? Can we try it?

PB:We just need one person to go with us.

(then Marcaline flies in candy kingdom)

Marcaline:Hi guys. What are you doing?

PB:Maybe Marcaline might go with us.

Marcaline:Go where?

Finn:No time to explain let's gooooooo!

(PB turns on the machine,then the gang jumped in the portal)

Finn:This is sooo AWESOME!

(Then Jake turns into a parachute to make the gang safe in the ground)

Mordecai:what the heck is that thing?????????

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