This is a 1hr 50min movie that will premiere in 6/17/2012.

Story Edit

The story starts at the park where the song, I'm alright!, is playing, and the sun rises. Now everyone wakes up and Benson comes.

Benson: Everyone, get up! Meeting at the house, now!

Mordecai, Rigby, Benjamin, Reginald, and Mystic get up in the house.

Mordecai: Ugggghhhh! What does Benson want nowww!? I'm trying to sleep.

Mystic: Mordecai!!

Rigby: Just let him sleep. I guess he didn't know it was June the 17th.

Just then, Mordecai gets up in surprise.

Mordecai: Wait...Is today Father's Day!? (Rigby nods)Oh man! I gotta hurry!

Mordecai jumps out of bed, Mona opens the door, Mordecai says thanks for her, and he rushes downstairs.

Mona: What's his deal?

Rigby: It's Father's Day.

Mona: I know that! But why is he acting like that on this day?

Reginald: You don't wann know!

Mystic & Benjamin: We gotta hurry tooooooo!!!!

Then Kat & Ana come in and see Mystic and Benjamin running downstairs.

Kat: First Mordecai, then those 2?

Ana: Why?

Rigby and Reginald: You don't wanna know!

They both walked down, had breakfast, and went outside and see everyone on the steps.

Benson: Alright. Today's Father's Day, so we might wanna set a party for the dads that are coming. That includes our fathers. They can stay if you want them to.

Skips: Me and Hops' dad is still alive. We'll try to bring him here. Right Hops?

Hops: Got it Skippy!

Pops: Oooooh! Father's Day! Good Show! Jolly good show! My father, Mr. Maellard, is coming back today! AHAHAHA!

Muscle Man: Do you know who else is gonna come on Father's Day? MY MOM!

Everyone stares at him with a blank expression.

Hi-Five Ghost: Uhhhh, Muscle Man? Isn't it supposed to be...?

Muscle Man: Oh right. I mean, do you know who else is gonna come on Father's Day? MY DAD!

Benson: Was that a joke Muscle Man? And isn't your dad dead?

Muscle Man: No it's real and he's back in ghost form! And Five's pa, Hi-Ten Ghost, is coming to the park too.

Mona: Wario is coming too.

Mordecai: Isn't Wario you're friend?

Kat: Yeah, but he's sorta like a father to us.

Rigby: Me and Reginald's dad is coming too.

Benson: My dad's coming too. So Mordecai, Benjamin, Mystic, do you have a dad with you?

Mordecai, Benjamin, and Mystic start mumbling, and Rigby and Reginald started speaking.

Rigby & Reginald: They have a dad!

The 3 groan and they reveal the truth about their dad.

Mordecai: Okay. Our dad's name is Max. He's really drunk. Though he is very smart, and he looks more like me and Benjamin. He has muscles like Skips, wears farmers clothes, and has white hair and a white goatee. Plus he's very sensitive, so no one should hurt his feelings.

Mona: Is that why you were rushing?

Mystic: Yeah.

Skips: C'mon! How bad can Max be?

Benson: Okay, never mind that. So Skips, Hops, you guys should set the chairs. Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost, you'll set the signs in place so the dads can know where to go. Mona, Ana, and Kat, you'll be in charge of decorations. Pops, you'll be in charge of concession. And you guys should go volunteer for them.

So everyone sets up for the "FATHER'S DAY PARTY". Benson comes in and waits for the father's to come.

Benson: Muscle Man, are you sure you set up the signs?

Muscle Man: I did Benson!

Benson: Well I don't see any signs of the da-

Benson was interupted by an old man that sounds like him.

???: Hey, hey, where's my Benson?

Benson: (turning)Huh?

And Benson notices that it is his dad, Bently.

Benson: Dad! You're here!

Bently then walks to Benson saying,

Bently: Hey, give your poppy a hug!

He then picks up Benson and hugs him.

Benson: To tight dad!

He let's go him.

Bently: Sorry.

Then Muscle Man and Hi-Five's dads, Muscle Dad and Hi-Ten Ghost, come in and say,

Muscle Dad & Hi-Ten Ghost: Howzit goin' you two!?

Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost: Dad!

Now Skips and Hops' dad, Leaps, comes falling from the sky.

Leaps: Skips, Hops!

Skips & Hops: Dad!

Now here comes Mr. Maellard, and Wario.

Mr. Maellard: Pops!? OH POPS!?

Pops: Daddy you're here!

Mona: Oh, hey Wario.

Wario: Alright where are Kat and Ana?

Mona: I dunno?

Now Rigby and Reginald's dad, Rodney, is here.

Rigby & Reginald: DAD!!

Rodney: Reginald! Rigby!

Benson: Well, I guess that's everybody.

Pops: Wait, where is Mordecai, Benjamin, and Mystic's dad?

Benson: Yeah. I don't see Max anywhere. (turns to the 3)Where is he?

Then they hear some thumping sounds and a blue jay, that looks like Mordecai and Benjamin with a farmer's clothes and hat, burly muscles and cigar in his mouth, comes in. It was Max!

Max: Mordecai! Benjamin! Mystic!

Mordecai, Benjamin, & Mystic: Oh, hey dad.

Benson: He doesn't look so drunk.


Skips & Mona: I see what you mean now.

Pops: I thought he was a gentle and peaceful creature. But this...this is absurd!

Muscle Man: (Nervously)D-do you know who else belch-ches on B-Benson's face? My M-mom.(Chuckles Nervously)

Max stops belching on Benson, turns to Muscle Man, and laughs hysterically, and Muscle Man joins in.

Benson: He may seem a little drunk. A little! But we could still get use to him, alright?

So some other sons, daughters, and fathers came in, now the Father's Day Party begins.

At the party, everyone starts dancing and we see Muscle Man and Muscle Dad taking off their shirts and screaming:


Then the Hi-Five Ghost, and Hi-Ten Ghost, along with Lo-Five Ghost, go to the soda stand and enjoy a drink. Benson and Bently start chatting with some droogs.

Benson: So I said to her: "Why don't you just wash it down with soda then?"

Then everyone laughs.

Bently: Yeah! That's so funny about how you mentioned about mother.

Benson: Actually, it was about my sister.

Bently: ...Awkward.

Now we go to Skips, Hops, and Leaps hip-hopping. Now it's Pops and Mr. Maellard enjoying cotton candy. And next is Rigby, Reginald and Rodney raiding the food. What about Mordecai, Benjamin, Mystic and Max? They're at the dinner table eating.

Max: Can you pass me the soda?

But he reaches for it knocking the hot pizza on Benjamin's lap.

Benjamin: AHHHHHH! (JUMPS OFF HIS SEAT) Hot Pizza! Hot Pizza!

Max gets out of his seat and soaks the lap with soda.

Benjamin: Thanks dad.

Max: Your welcome.

He then pulls out a cigar and lighter. Then Mordecai stops him.

Mordecai: Wait dad!

Max: What?

Mordecai: I don't think you should smoke here.

Max: Okay. I'll smoke outside.

Mordecai: That's not what I me-

But Max walked outside. Mystic follows him.

Mystic: Dad, I think you are the reason why mom divorced you.

Max: Hey I can't help it! Yeah, I'm a drug addict, but that's what I am.

Mystic: But what would happen if me and my brothers end up like you?

Max: Ain't my problem.

Mystic: Listen dad, you are smart, but you didn't know that drug use can cause separation of families? We wouldn't be with you right about now. How would you feel about that...?

She then walks back into the party. Max turns and thinks about what she said about his wife, Bella. He then tosses his cigar and heads back to the party. During the party, Mystic returns to the table.

Benjamin: So, what happened?


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