mordecai rigby gumball and Darwin fall asleep but sudennly after they woked up they realize they were in a strange world


it was night time during 7:59 pm

mordecai: rigby i'm kinda bored

rigby: me too

mordecai: what do you want to do today

gumball: I don't know

benson appeared

benson: well I think what ya'll could do today is apparently go to bed

mordecai: why benson

benson: probably because it's about 8:00 pm

mordecai: alright

rigby: fine Darwin

Darwin: yeah

rigby: during tomorrow we're probably gonna wish for something as a new world

Darwin: hmm that doesn't sound bad

at their room

mordecai: well i'm kinda of tired of benson

rigby: me too

mordecai: do you want to wish something

rigby: well all I wish was go to a new world that way we won't follow benson's orders

mordecai: well goodnight(fallen asleep)

rigby:(closed his eyes and started taling to his mind) I hope it works(started to sleep)

at gumball and Darwin's room

Darwin: I think I wish we're on a new world

gumball: how come

Darwin: I don't know I feel like it

gumball: well goodnight(fall asleep)

Darwin:(closed his eyes and started talk in his mind) I hope it works(started to sleep)

the next day.......

mordecai: alright rigby it's time for work

rigby: (sigh) alright (started to fall) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai:huh(started to fall)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as they fall they landed on the ground and notice that they were actually sleeping above the purple sky all the long

rigby: what did you do this time

mordecai: I didn't do anything

somewhere in the strange world....

gumball: umm Darwin what just happen

Darwin: I don't know

gumball: well we got to find the others

sudennly they bumped to mordecai and rigby

mordecai: hey gumball

gumball: hey mordecai

darwin:(talking to rigby) when we woked up we fall down and realize that we were in a strange world

rigby: we did the same thing too which means......

rigby and darwin:(figured it out and started to smile)OUR WISH HAS CAME TRUE!!!!!!!!!

back at the park......

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