it is a crossover between regular show and angry birds craptasic adventures


mordecai and rigby are on a trip to californa but the storm crashed the ship and they got to angry birds island


it all started when mordecai rigby spongebob squidward pops and skips taking a vacation

mordecai: this is the life

skips: man taking a trip to californa will be the perfect place when we get their

captain:STORM AHEAD!!!!!!

pops: did somebody said storm ahead

squidward: of course they did

spongebob: i think so

rigby: uhh guys why are their rain and lightnihg trying to destroy the ship

sudennly lightning cut off the half of the ship while it was raining

mordecai we gotta get out of (falling off)

the gang:(falling) AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai:(putting his head on the air) that was close let's go

the gang swimmed to the island then they watch the ship drowning

mordecai: this is a disaster the ship is destroyed

spongebob: i'll got check the sign(reading the sign) welcome to angry birds island

meanwhile with the birds

red: hey guys where is their a ship being broken by a storm

green: i don't know red but i say the storm is a crotch

blue: hahaha that's a funny one

red: (sees mordecai rigby pops sponmgebob and skips) hey who the heck are these guys

big red: i don't know but i hope one of them has any notes for me to read

black: they are probably from the ship

mordecai: who are you guys

one introduction later

red: so um how did you get here

mordecai: well we wwere taking a trip to californa but sundennly a storm destroyed our ship so we came here

black: i told ya'll they were in the ship

studder appeared

studder: hey guys i just got a job as a park worker with these guys

red; that's great studder

rigby: you know these guys

big red: of course we do

spongebob: and a by the way how did you get here

studder: well i lost contact with ya'll after the ship was destroyed so i teleported with my teleporting watch anater 300

on the moon

barranco: what will my next plan gonna be

king pig: i'm not sure but i'll figure it out

pink appeared

pink: hey guys look what i made

barranco: what is it

pink: introducing (revealing it) sergiuel

barranco: sergiuel what kind of name is that

pink: i don't know but he is likely a half rabbid, a half ape, and a half robot

barranco: so he will be my new secret weapon to destroy the heros

pink: why couldn't i think about it

barranco:(talking to sergiuel) sergiuel

sergiuel; huh

barranco: attack the heroes

sergiuel:ROAR!!!!!! (chasing pink and king pig)

barranco: no them i mean the ones on angry birds island that way you can find an escape pod

sergiuel:ROAR!!!!!!!(chasing to the escape pods)

barranco: i should've take an vacation

back on angry birds island

big red: i'm so bored i need to read notes

rigby: i don't even have a note

sundennly the storm transformed into a portal out there was a escape pod then it crashed land on the other side of the beach

morecai: what the

out of the escape pod was sergiuel

sergiuel:ROAR!!!!!!(chasing the gang)

rigby: is that some sort of robot ape like rabbid

sergiuel:(grabs and attacks mordecai) ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai: stop it you big fat rabbid monkey

sergiuel:(throws mordecai)

mordecai:(falling then crash down) owww

big red: what just happen who is that guy

green: i don't know who ever he is he could be fat(grabbed by sergiuel) you stupid crotch

studder: i'll save ya green by giving the robotic rabbid like monkey 15 slaps (slapping sergiuel 7 times)

green: thats not pain enough

sergiuel:(grabbed and drops studder hard) RRRROOOOAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skips: THIS IS YOUR LAST STRAW!!!!!!!!!!!(chasing sergiuel and kicked him in the crotch but no effect) huh(punched and kicked by sergiuel) he's tougher than i thought

green: not if i can help it(bites sergiuel's hand)

sergiuel: ROOOAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(lets go of green)

green: that's how you get

mordecai: we need find a safe area somewhere in angry birds island

ice: that's excactly what i was thinking

somewhere at a cave where the gang are

red: looks like the monster won't find us here

sundennly they were spotted by a bear


red: oh uh

  • (Mighty Eagle, Ice Bird, Mighty Dragon, Female Red Bird and Female White Bird arrives)
  • Mighty Dragon: Don't worry. We here.
  • (Mighty Dragon kills Bear)
  • Red: Wow guys, you finally did it, hey where's Paz?
  • Female Red Bird: He's with us.
  • (Paz arrives)
  • Paz: Hey, guys.
  • (At the moon)
  • Chef Cochon: My lordwe got bad news, our weapon can't find heroes on an island.
  • Barranco: DARN IT! Perhaps the island is name lets see (Scene switches to Barranco's locator tab, the tab saids Angry Birds island) Angry birds island, what kind of a pathetic name is that!?
  • Chef Cochon: Did you say Angry Birds island?
  • Barranco: Yeah why?
  • Chef Cochon: Because the birds kicked us out a year in a half ago.
  • Barranco: So thats why I found you piggies.
  • King Pig: Any our friends are pigs at this island?
  • (Barranco checks the island, and it the writing from the computer saids no population of piggies)
  • King Pig: I guess not.
  • Bowser: What are we going to do.
  • Barranco: Heres what we would do, we shall help Sergiuel find those pathetic heroes, we shall even sometime get the heart of the park and must of all, we are Empire leaders and lords!
  • (Barranco, Bowser, and King Pig got teleported)
  • King Pig: Here we are Angry Birds insland.
  • Bowser: Hey what to the weapon we released.
  • (They see Sergiuel being attacked and killed by Mighty Eagle)
  • Mighty Eagle: In your face you big fat monkey! (Gets killed by Barranco with his laser gun)
  • Barranco: The heroes got to be here somewhere on this strange island.
  • (They see King Pig's destroyed house)
  • King Pig: Oh theres my house.
  • Bowser: If thats your house, then who's house is that?
  • Barranco: That other house might be where these so called Angry Birds live, lets get inside.
  • (At the inside)
  • Bowser: No one's home yet.
  • (Queen Pig and Slender Man arrives)
  • Queen Pig: We here to help.
  • Barranco: Um King Pig, I never knew you have a wife.
  • King Pig: Hey Queen Pig, where the crap have you been? Its been like a few years now.
  • Queen Pig: Yeah about that, I was kindmof arrested by Officer Frank Studderpants cause I kight have help him find some vodka.
  • King Pig: Really?
  • Queen Pig: Yes.
  • (Someone shoot Queen Pig in the head, it was revealed to be Squidward with his shot gun)
  • Squidward: This is why a storm shall be gone.
  • King Pig: Squidward, where's Queen Pig?
  • Squidward: I killed her, dumbbutt! (Left)
  • Empire leaders: DARN IT!
  • King Pig: What do we do?
  • (Back with the others)
  • (Studder arrives)
  • Studder: Hey, guys, I'm here to help.
  • (Officer Frank McStudderPants and Elmo arrives)
  • Officer Frank McStudderPants: Don't forget us.


  • Angry Birds, Mighty Eagle, Mighty Dragon, Female Red Bird, Female White Bird, Blue Terrence, Studder McStudderPants, Officer Frank McStudderPants, Elmo and Paz got a job at the park.

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