Anthony is here to spend a night at the park by Benson.


benson:okay guys i got a call he said his name was anthony mordecai's 13th genius brother

mordecai:wait my brother was coming today

benson:yes he was coming to the park to spend a night today

rigby: man mordecai i didn't know you had a brother why didn't tell me that

mordecai: cause i didn't feel like plus i was so scared to tell ya

rigby: don't worry mordecai i'm sure he'll be nice

mordecai had a vision when he was 13th before he worked for the park

mordecai's mom:hey mordecai i had a baby a genius baby

mordecai: really who did you call him

mordecai's mom: i called him anthony

mordecai: aw that's so sweet

mordecai's mom; yeah know he bcame the geinus of them all he propably don't have to  school infact he's probaly gonna become an 10,000 percent smarter

mordecai seem to be worried

mordecai's mom: mordecai mordecai

out of his flashback it turned out to be rigby

rigby: mordecai!!!

mordecai:wha oh hey rigby

rigby:what's wrong

mordecai: i had a vision when i was 13th that my mom told me that my big brain brother will be smarter than me

rigby:thats because he's a inventer,and a scientist.

then a ship appeared when it landed it's door was open then came out was anthony

anothy: hello guys i am anthony mordecai's little twin the big brain smartest,and a genius of them all

one intruding well except for rigby later

rigby: my name's rigby

anthoney: hey rigby why are ya short like me

benson: he cound't find a way to get taller like us

inside the house

mordecai feels jealous  of anthony stealing his friends

pops: so how do you get born with a big brain

anthony: that's because of smart experiments my mother drink for me to get smart

muscle man: well that sounds cool

skips: totally

rigby: yeah that's totally cool

the next day

anthony was at the computer room

mordecai: all right anthony you gotta stop

anthony: oh is it time for mathmatics yet i always good at it

mordecai: no anthony stealing my friends are stupid,being smarter than me is stupid, and so do you.

anthony looked confused

anthony: what are you talking about

mordecai: [angry sigh] i don't think you would

the camera zooms to mordecai's mouth for slow motion with echoing sounds

mordecai: stay here

anthony: [feeling upset] oh i see i guess i should [getting angry] TAKE VENGENCE ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anthony open up his lap top6574

anthony:coputer ativate vengence mode

computer: vengence mode activate

anthony's computer(laptop6574) put wires around anthony and grab the other computer, the tv, the game concol, the kart, and pop's radio.

the computer transformed anthony in metal anthony

metal anthony: YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai run outside

rigby:mordecai are you alright

then came out that brake the roof was metal anthony

benson looked at mordecai

benson: what did you guys do!?!?!?!?

mordecai: i told him he wouldn't stay here


  • Mordecai: Anthony, I'm sorry. I was mean too you. I said that before.
  • (Metal Anthony transform back into Anthony)
  • Anthony: It's okay. I accept for your better apology.
  • Mordecai: Good.

Section headingEdit

2. sayfada mordecai ölür


  • First apperance of Anthony.
  • Anthony got a job at the park.

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