Attempting Fusion
Season 1, Episode 26
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So, You Guys Had Fused?
The Gang Civil War

Summary Edit

Pearl tries to teach the rebellious couple Darwin and Louise fusion, but it becomes a challenge when the two brats keeps joking around.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Pearl watching Darwin and Louise sitting down on the couch watching television while eating snacks. Her staring continues until Amethyst and Homer pops out of nowhere, surprising her. Amethyst asked what was she doing as Homer replied with a rhetorical, half sarcastic question, "Stalking the heck out of kids?" Pearl says she wasn't stalking. Homer rolled his eyes and said Pearl was really looking at something cool out the window in the same direction as Darwin and Louise were in in a sarcastic matter. Pearl says she was worried about Darwin and Louise's relationship because they don't have much of a romantic relationship. Amethyst asks why she thinks that, which leads us to a montage of Darwin and Louise doing kid like things as well as rebellious things with Pearl there including breaking bottles, having eating contests, and watching non romantic animie. Scene goes back to the present where Amethyst and Homer agrees with Pearl, but thinks she shouldn't meddle in their relationship. Pearl says she's not not and she's meddling in their lives. Amethyst says "Yeah that's way better" in a sarcastic matter. Pearl groans and says she's ganna teach them to fuse. Amethyst says it's a great idea, but she shouldn't do that. Pearl refuses to listen to Amethyst as she does a well thought out speech about why she should teach kids(Darwin and Louise) to fuse. Homer moves his hand mockingly as she speeks. Pearl notices and prevents to attack him, but Homer punched her in the gut.

Amethyst says she shouldn't cause of two reasons: it's meddling and it's hard to teach the couple things they don't want to learn. Pearl says it doesn't matter cause she has Amethyst and Homer to help, but Homer replies that they are going to some sort of a wrestling match. Amethyst shape shifted into her puma form yelling, "Really reap wrestling" at least two times before Homer joined her. Pearl says they should forget about the match and help her. Homer smartly replies by saying, "I thought little miss perfect doesn't need any help". Pearl snorted angrily at Homer but says she desperately needs them. Amethyst says she loves to see Pearl desperate, but they still had to go, and then they exit.

Soon, Pearl goes up to the couple.

Transcript Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Homer and Amethyst chants "Really real wrestling" like Rigby and Mordecai(including Pops as well) did in the Regular Show episode, "Really Real Wrestling"
  • Darwin and Louise have fused together for the first time to become Daruise.

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