baloo and louie got sick by bagheera accidently and forces him to take care of them


it was a find day at the park

baloo: what do you like to do today louie

louie: i'm not sure but i could planned on something for our work

they see bagheera

bagheera: stand back guys i'm working on my science expirement(sundennly he accidently drops it on baloo and louie)

baloo: bagheera you spilled your expirement on us

bagheera: about that it's the illness experiment that i was going to send to barranco to cause him to be sick

louie: illness (barf)

baloo: what the heck(barf) bagheera look what you done

bagheera: i didn't mean to drop it

louie: thanks to you now we got illness so you will have to take care of us


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