barranco decided to get a new assistant


on the moon

pink: father what's wrong

barranco: son i tell ya'll some of my plans are falling

pink: maybe you need special help

barranco: that's a stupid- hey that's not bad

15 mins later he made a stand to get a new assistant

barranco: tell me about your self

guy: i do pirate stuffies

barranco: next(sees the next person) so what do you do

fat guy: raah pirate stuffies raah

barranco:next (sees the next person) let me guess you do pirate stuffies

strong guy: no but i do this (doing the fart song)

5 days later.....

barranco: i was right this was a (sees the next person)

guy: hello sir i'm here for a job

barranco; what's your name

guy; my name is john

barranco: tell me about your self\

john: well all my life i want to do is to take over the world

barranco: interesting your hired

on earth at the park

barranco; you see john these nemisises of mine ar what i was talking about

john: i agree these heroes must be stoped!

they got to the house

mordecai: barranco who is that guy

barranco: that is john he is my new assistant now attach him

john: as your wish (gives him 15 slaps instead) is this good enough

mordecai: that wasn't even good enough (punched john)

back on the moon 20 mins later

barranco: you may not know how to kick or punch but i'll teach ya(pointing at the pitchures) do you see where i'm holding

john; yes

barranco: somehow the way to use your kick is anyone's part especially in the crotch right there and the way to punch is to punch harder also punch their nose to get a little bloody

john: you know what i feel very teachible i also like being evil

barranco uses the dummies as targets

1 hour later....

barranco: pokay then now you are ready

john: i so am check out my muscles

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