• Yeah, I think I know somebody. Meet me in the Green Hill Zone, OK?
  • Just what it sounds like.
  • Sonic? It's me, Ben 10!
  • Their names are Mordecai, Gumball, Rigby, ect.
  • thought they weren't a couple
  • we need to there too powerful
  • Looks cool. What's it about?
  • Hey, what's going on?
  • What makes you say that?
  • OH MY GOSH!!!!! BLEEUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We could it find Lucy anywhere. Mike, Ike, Gary and Janice meet you at Two Peaks Mall.
  • Apparently... Black Widow found a dark charm and the dark charm is attached to Black Widow become Shadow Black Widow right now. ("Another Conclusion (Part 6)")
  • T-this boys is... Gash Jumon and Renzo Ichijo. Their the Space-Time Police Sheriff Gabans-
  • Wait a moment! Are you saying that Wendy, Jane, Lucy, Black Cat, Quake and Black Widow are mind control in Shadow forms?
  • T-Then let me.
  • The Space-Time Police believe someone gives a dark charm to Black Widow. But that was right.
  • They up to for no good at Doom's Castle.
  • Beats me. If that happens... we need to cure the girls in shadow form. (To Gash Jumon & Renzo Ichijo) Gash, Renzo. You've been silent all the time. What'll we do? At this rate, the universe will be in peril.
  • Do you really mean that?
  • You're also from Earth! How can you say such a thing? Yet... they risked their lives to fight and protect the Earth! But you...
  • We would protect it.
  • What was that!?
  • No No No No No NOOOOOO!
  • It's all over now.
  • Where did those cereals coming from? ("Dusk's Return")
  • Hey, what you find?
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!
  • Wait a minute. I remember now. It's Gax. ("The Gang Civil War")
  • (Music plays: I need a hero from footloose) Hey, guys what are you doing here?
  • What? What do you mean? ("Days of Present Past")
  • We',ll help you. Where are you?
  • We'll be right there, we'll get you out of here.
  • What will we do when we'll get there.
  • Don't worry. We'll get them help.

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