None ATM
Description of Character
Title Benjamin
A.K.A. Ben (by Reginald)
Gender Male
Race Blue Jay
Family Mordecai, Mystic


Benjamin is a 22 year old male blue jay. He is Mordecai and Mystic's brother. His family is a small one, seeing as Mystic and Mordecai are the only ones he keeps in contact with. Mordecai usually teases Benjamin, but most of the time they get along. Mystic is nice to him sometimes, but she is generally mean to him. She loves to make fun of him at the right time. One time Benjamin was talking to the girl he loves and Mystic ran up and pushed him into mud, the mud splattered all over Muriel.

Friends of Benjamin


  • Mordecai is 1 year older than Benjamin
  • Mystic is 1 year younger than Benjamin


  • Rigby
  • Reginald
  • Margaret
  • Eileen
  • William Kool
  • Skips


  • Benson
  • Percy (Enemy Number One: Hates the most!)

People that he doesn't like, but he can stand them

  • POPS




Other peoples' stories

My stories

  • Coming soon


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