Benson on Danger Zone

Production Code


Premiere Date

November 4, 2014

Created By

Benson on Danger Zone is a half-hour special episode of regular show.


Benson goes to dump with Mordecai and Rigby.


Mordecai and Rigby Benson ask for a raise to go to "Blockbuster Zone" Benson tired of their carelessness and orders, taking them to a landfill fools, they never saw "Blockbuster Zone", Benson leads the fund the dump, and runs as much as you can. With sweet victory, watches TV in his apartment, when you view the screen in black, is impressed to see the face of a bulldog's skull, to spend that impression, goes to bed, turning on the light to see that bambilla roof is shaped like the skull of a previously viewed bulldog, then sees something under the sheet, the lift is startled to see the skull of bulldog in his mattress, Benson filled with guilt and terror, will look when you get to hear trash Mordecai and Rigby "Help, get us out of here," Benson passes through the entrance and go through a corridor that has never seen before, this seemed to be endless, but after 4 munites alllegar reaches a huge temple, its walls were missing cans crushed and dented, and Mordecai and Rigby to be tied to a log above a pit with blazing fire, the leader of the temple was a skeleton of Bulldog, the bulldog down to challenge Benson, Benson and the chase and runs for his life, sees a switch and says "I'm for you", and the lift, turn the garbage smelter, in doing so, the bulldog gets rid saying "Nooooooo", is undone as the bulldog as the temple, and Mordecai says "We will not here I thought it was cool."


  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Benson
  • Muscle Man & Hi Five Ghost (Final scene)

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