Bone-Breaking Pranks

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Premiere Date

February 17, 2013

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Episode Before

Substitutes of Adrenaline

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Season and Episode No.

Season 1, Episode 9

Bone-Breaking Pranks is a fan episode.


Mordecai becomes 2x mad as Benson after he broke his legs, and in the next 2 days, arms due to Muscle Man's pranks.


Mordecai opens up the front door of Pop's house and walks downstairs but at the time he steps on the ground, Muscle Man jumps out and repeatedly steps on Mordecai's legs saying "MY MOM!" over and over again. Later, the ambulance arrives and picks Mordecai up and carries him to the hospital. 1 day later, he came back to the park with legs completely covered by casts while he is on a wheelchair. Rigby comes by, telling him that Muscle Man broke your legs by just stepping on them yesterday and he saw that moment. Rigby trips on Mordecai's broken legs and Mordecai shrieks in pain. 2 days later at 6:30, Mordecai is sleeping with his legs are fully recovered, but Muscle Man steps on Mordecai's Arms and 2 hours later, Mordecai comes back to the house in time for Benson to give him and Rigby chores around the park, but Mordecai can't do the chores around the park because his arms are broken due to Muscle Man.

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