as mordecai and rigby get to the elcetrocarpet they seem to be shocking too hard and cause them to switch Brains


it was a beautiful day at work

mordecai: check it out dude

rigby: what is it

mordecai; the thing that i always wanted(got it out of the box) the electrocarpit

rigby: wow

ten minutes later as they put on the floor at their room

mordecai:(reading the warning sign) warning do not shock too hard otherise bad things can happen(sees rigby shocking too hard) what are you doing

rigby; i couldn't hear from their(shocking too hard)

mordecai; (running to rigby) no rig-(shocked too hard from rigby)

as they stopped being shocked they were throwned

mordecai:(in rigby's body) uhh i fell furry

rigby;(in mordecai's body) i feel like feathers wait mordecai have we switch brains

mordecai;(in rigby's body) THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!

rigby:(in mordecai's body) this means i can finally become taller

mordecai;(in rigby's body) wait what do you mean by that

rigby:(in mordecai's body) which also means i can hit you hard this time

rigby hit mordecai 7 times

mordecai:(in rigby's body) oww you know what i'm out of here

rigby chase mordecai out of their room then gumball and darwin appeared

gumball; you know darwin i wonder what mordecai get

darwin: so do i and-

gumball and darwin:(looking at the electrical carpit)wow

gumball; i knew he would buy a electrical carpit

darwin: what happens if we shocked too hard

gumball: let's find out

as they shocked to hard they were throwned

darwin:(in gumball's body) wow we switch brains

gumball:(in darwin's body) this is so-

however timmy in chip skyward's body barges into the room

timmy:(in chip skyward's body) wow i can dance except alot better and (singing) i can sing beautifully!

gumball:(in darwin's body) mister your not in this episode

soon timmy and chip poofed away cause they weren't in this episode

gumball:(in darwin's body) as i was saying this is so cool

soon they left then shrek and skips appeared

shrek; oh donkey i can't wait to see the electrical carpit

skips; yeah i know

shrek; i knew there would be a electric carpit(gets to the carpit)

skips; hey don't you wanna read the warning sign first

shrek; don't even care(shocking too hard)

shrek was shocking soo much then furry appeared

furry; hey guys i just wondering how the electri-(looking at shrek as being shock too hard) Wow.

then after shrek got too hard shocking they were brain awitched also as well

furry:(in skip's body) cool we switched brains do you know what else i became stronger

skips;(in shrek's body) well the bad news is i got fat

shrek:(in furry's body) yeah and the worst news is i got smaller

skips:(in shrek's body and reading the warning sign) warnin gdo not shock too hard otherwise bad things happen(looks at shrek in furry's body) do you really have to skip the warning sign

shrek;(in furry's body) i didn't felt like it

skips:(in shrek's body) well i doing this again so we can get our brains back

as skips tried it didn't work plus he sees that the batteries are dead

skips:(in shrek's body) the batteries are dead

shrek:(in furry's body) oh come on

furry;(in skip's body) YES!

benson appeared

benson; skips i want you to kill the hornets

furry;(in skips's body) oh sure i guess

benson; hey skips what's with your voice

skips: (in shrek's body) to tell ya the truth we switch brains

benson; what this can't be

shrek:(in furry's body) it's true i shocked too hard and all of us switchbrains

furry:(in skips's body) i kinda like skips's body i fell strong

somewhere at the park rigby was chasing mordecai

mordecai;(in rigby's body) i can't believe we switch brains

rigby;(in mordecai's body) i'm going to get ya to be PUNCH (falcon punches mordecai)

mordecai:(in rigby's body) OOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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