mordecai: hey guys check out this new video

gumball, darwin and rigby: wow

mordecai: it's called perfect movie

rigby: let's watch it

as they watch it it looked like hypotize

they seem to be brainwash

voice (familer): you are getting very sleepy now listen to my voice, when you hear the words get to work you do it. and when you hear the words nicely done you stop.

then it ends

they shook their heads

mordecai: man that movie is so lame

watch:beep beep

rigby: 8:30 bed time

later that night.......

benson: [yawn] man i finaly brainwashed them to get back to work [falling asleep]

the next day

benson: okay guys i want ya'll to....

mordecai: to what

benson: ohh yeah get back to worl

they hypnosis seem to work

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