Busted is the 13th episode of seoson 1 of regular show: reloaded.


Mordacai and Rigby are sick of doing jobs for Benson and attempt to sneak away but they can't with Benson on their watch.


The episode begins with a soft, gentle scene which involves  deers, a father and son playing catch until it turns into  a  speed metal guitar solo seeing Mordacai and Rigby speeding the mower attempting to mow the lawn. It turns into the two cleaning the park aquarium before being chased by sharks. Next the two clean Skips garage. As Rigby reaches for a box in tips over and falls on them. They next have to clean the bathrooms and kitchens. At the end of the day Mordacai and Rigby fall on the ground exhausted.

Mordacai: Dude why is Benson working us so hard?

Rigby: I know and that dude makes us work our butt offs and never even thanks us. What a jerk!

Mordacai: Yeah!

Benson then arrives in the cart telling them to get in.

Mordacai: Hey Benson. Ya'know me and Rigby were thinking.

Benson: I don't wanna here it.

Mordacai; Benson we want a day off.

Benson: What? No! You slackers haven't worked in months.

Mordacai and Rigby: What?!

Rigby: But we spent the whole day doing these stupid jobs.

Mordacai: We've been working more than everybody else.

Skips comes up.

Skips: They're right Benson. You gave us all breaks. I only had to rake the leaves. 

Pops: And i had the work in the snack bar.

Mordacai: See? Your acting like a total jerk. I mean we had to clean a shark tank! A shark tank!

Benson: Look! I don't care how many times you think you've worked. Your going to clean the living room. Or else your.....

Mordacai: Ya ya we fired!

Benson: Get Lost!

Mordacai and Rigby leave angrily.

Benson: Can you believe those two?

Everyone leaves confusing Benson.

Mordacai and Rigby talk in the bathroom.

Mordacai: Man dude. Benson's soooo lame.

Rigby: Yeah we did all this yesterday.

Mordacai: You know what thinking?

Rigby: Dancing with chicks naked on the moon.

Mordacai: What? No. If Benson won't give us a raise. We'll do it ouselves.

Mordacai an Rigby trie various times to get out of the park but they keep getting stopped by Benson

At the last trie they attempt to sneak out at night. Benson sees them and chases them using the cart. The two get their bikes and ride away attempting to get away. They  ride into the shark tank and attempt to climb out.  

Benson: Get back here and finish your jobs!

Rigby: It's three am! What jobs?

A huge wave approaches. The King Shark then picks them up.

King Shark: Can someone please explain why you guys are keeping me awake.

Benson: (Pointing at Mordacai and Rigby) Those two!

Mordacai and Rigby: Us?

Mordacai: You're the one who treated us like slaves with those jobs.

Benson: And you two are the ones who slacked off!

King Shark: Enough! I'm going to eat all three of you!

Mordacai then throws chum at him causing him to drop them. The trio swim out and escape King Shark.

Benson: Mordacai and Rigby I'm sorry I was so hard on you. I just couldn't believe you two actaully working.

Mordacai: It's cool.

Benson: Now go and slack of or Your Fired!

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