Censored Video

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February 12, 2013

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When Skips Gets Mad

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Pops Be Gone

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Season 1, Episode 2

Summary Edit

Mordecai and Rigby watch a video that is completed censored and Mordecai and Rigby try to find the uncensored version.

Characters Edit

Muscle Man
High Five Ghost

Transcript Edit

(Muscle Man and HFG walk into the kitchen)
Muscle Man: Hey Ladies, have you two seen the best video in the universe?
Mordecai: How much in the VHS store?
Muscle Man: This isn't a VHS, It's free!
Rigby: Woah, dude, we've gotta watch it.
(In the computer room)
Mordecai: C'mon on, dude, type it!
Rigby: I don't know how you spell it!
Mordecai:(sighs) MUSCLE MAN!
Muscle Man: (walks in) Yeah, bro?
Mordecai: Spell it.
(Muscle Man spells it)
Rigby: Thanks!
M&R: 3, 2, 1!
(A censored noise and screen is seen)
Rigby: What!?
Mordecai: I thought this was called the Best Video in the Universe!
Rigby: Hey, what does that say?
(they read it, and at the end it says: Censored)
Mordecai: Muscle Man wouldn't show us something Censored!
Rigby: Yeah, we're over 20!
Mordecai: And if this is the best, why does it have 1,000 dislikes!?
Rigby: We've got to find the uncensored version.
M&R: Pops!
Pops: Hello!
Mordecai: Pops! Have You seen the best video in the universe!?
Pops: Yes! It's brilliant! It's extremely fun!
Rigby: Okay, thanks! Bye!
Pops: Goodbye!
Rigby: Dude, just look for the best video!
Mordecai: Okay!
(He types: The Best Video in the Universe UNCENSORED, computer says "No Results Found")

Rigby: Aw, dude! Muscle Man's gotta have a VHS he made!
Mordecai: Hmmph Hmmph.
Rigby: Hmmph.
M&R: Hmm,hmm,hmm,hmm!
(cut to night at MuscleMan's RV)
Rigby: Found it!?
Mordecai: No!
(Mordecai looks in Muscle Man's prank chest)
Mordecai: Oh! There you are!
Rigby: What!? Have you found it?
Mordecai: No! Our video game, Ready, Set, Tow!
Rigby: Dude, let's play it!
Mordecai: NO! Muscle Man's hiding something from us! I know it.
Rigby: Fine, but when we're done, can we play it?
Mordecai: Dude! Will you stop thinking about that stupid game!
Rigby: Hey! Ready, Set, Tow! is not stupid!
Mordecai: Okay, okay! HEY! Do you hear that?
Rigby: What?
Mordecai: Whispering.
Rigby: If you're gonna fart, ya better te-
Mordecai: SSHH! Listen…
(whispering is heard)
Whisper: Follow Me!
Mordecai: Huh?
Rigby: Oh Yeah! Now I hear it!
Whisper: Follow me! PS: My mom's comin' at ya!
Mordecai: My Mom? Dude!
Rigby: What!?
Mordecai: It's Muscle Man!
Muscle Man: (Laughs) See Ya, Suckers! (runs away)
Mordecai: C'mon!
(they chase Muscle Man)
Rigby: Where's he going?
Mordecai: To Benson's office!
Benson: You idiots better tell me what's going on!
Mordecai: (jumps and catches Muscle Man and gets the tape)
Rigby: Let's see your secret!
(Screen says censored or Uncensored)
Muscle Man: (gets up) Aargh! (snatches remote and clicks censored)
Rigby: What the heck?
(beeps can be heard)
Mordecai: Gives us the uncensored version or else!
Muscle Man: (takes out VHS and then puts it back in and clicks Uncensored) You Win.
Rigby: Aw Yeahyuh! This is finally it!
M&R: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! YES!
(Song from Exit 9B is on while scenes from Rigby's Body, Don, Skips Strikes, High Score, Prankless, Quips, Just Set Up The Chairs, and Skips vs Technology and then it says THE END)
Mordecai: What have I just watched?
Rigby: At least only us and Muscle Man and HFG have seen it.
(a bunch of people are behind them)
Mordecai: Yeah.
(End of Censored Video)

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