"Great idea, HIT IT TROOPS!!!"
Chef Cochon

Chef Cochon is one of the fan favorite pigs from the series Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures. He is protrayed as a french pig (who normally brags or at least talks about how his french life is like) who likes to cook for King Pig. His girlfriend is Pink Bow, who is french also. He also brags about how good a cook he is . He even kills Ice Bird into a big fat deadly shake that kills the customer and Studder McStudderPants.


Chef Cochon's first appearence was in the Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures short "King Pigs Nightmare". This short consists of Chef Cochon deciding to cook pig after the King Pig told him too after the King Pig told him to cook pig because he got tired of trying to get the eggs. The episode just continues with Chef Cochon cooking King Pig until King Pig wakes up.


  • Don't worry my lord, your the one who made Pink as the first son of your's with technology, epecially himslef creating Barranco Jr out of everything, including your DNA. Besides, you didn't have to get a wife.
  • crap, he's on to us
  • uhh, I should activate the security system(activates security system) there
  • Hey my lord, remember the ti e that you created The Remnant who were Roogas, you know, half rabbid, half koopa, and half piggie that was from the second film.

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