Chestnut: Like the food, Chestnut is small and tough. He is a tiny, blue horned devil-like creature with a deep, gravelly voice and, to many character's surprise, is physically very strong. Because of his size, he uses everyday objects as other things (e.g. using a briefcase for a hydrofoil, or a hat as a vacation home). He sings small songs to himself, usually consisting of his catchphrase of "Dinka loo dinka lee." He is super special detective commander of the Space-Time Police. He always refers to himself in the third person when speaking.


Chestnut is small and tough.


  • And so the heroes has saved the day and their home planets, timelines and realities have called the Chronopolis.
  • Meanwhile, Justin is in his lab working on his classified project. And he's working, his best friend Leon comes into the room behind him.