gumball was captured by the rabbid army and been corrupted by barranco gaving him a shot from a phazon needle


it was all started from the moon

bowser: aghh i'm so bored

king pig: i know

bowser: what do you want to do use our next plan

king pig: i'm not sure how about you barranco

barranco: i don't know but i'lll

sudennly pink and his rabbids arrive

pink: oh father we got a little friend we can use

barranco: show me

they show him what it is but what it is was gumball

gumball: huh where am i

barranco: hello furball

gumball: hey who you calling furball why does anybody that are bad have to make fun of my name

barranco; i meant gumball now listen to me your going to join me at all cost

gumball: why should i do that

barranco; cause if you don't bad thing will happen to you

gumball;(spiff) i don't care show me your thing

barranco: okay you ask for it (holds the needle and puts it on gumball's arm epceillay injects it)

gumball: ow that hurts okay i'm feeling wierd( chainging into purple with blue lightning) what is happening to me barranco what kind of needle is this

barranco: oh just a phazon needle

gumball: phazon what is phaz-(corrupted with red eyes purple skin very sharp teeth a mohawk claws and very long wiskers)

barranco: the phazon needle work now since the day i shall call you dark gumball

dark gumball:(with a demon voice) thank you master barranco now i am free from my prison by with phazon i become your mostest powerful assisntant of yours as ever so whats my first command

barranco: your first command is to destroy mordecai and his friends with your powers

dark gumball; as your wish(flies away)

king pig: say where did you get the phazon anyway

barranco: i found it where i was walking you see (clapping his hands) flashback please

it shows a flashback

barranco; when i startd phanzon to put on a test with a germ after i did a little drop of it i realize that it can corrupt anyone that has it after the germ was corrupted

flashback ends

barranco; so now gumball as dark gumball is my newest weapon of all HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

outside the park....

finn: mordecai!!!! MORDE--(sees mordecai looking like he lived 2 years without a job at the park) oh no! what happened?!

mordecai:(weak) i.... i was banned from the park... now i live in a dumpster.... no video games, no comfy place to sleep... and my home will be gone any second now...

dark gumball appeared

mordecai: gumball listen i'm so sorry for(punch my drak gumball) oww(punched by dark gumball 5 times and throwed him on the ground) oww

dark gumball: no wonder your so weak

mordecai: i hate barranco now

mordecai tried to run away from dark gumball but his legs are heavily weakened so he has to stand here to face his doom

dark gumball: how about i give you 15 punchies on your whole body(ginving him 15 punchies on his whole body then he was done)

mordecai: ow i feel hurt now oww i think you broke my spine

dark gumball: after i killed you i will kill the rest of your friends hahahahahaha (holds his energy sword) say goodbye in 3 2 1 0(kills mordecai) yes he's dead hahahahahahahahaha

finn: mordecai speak to me are you alright

but nothing happen

finn: you killed him

dark gumball: of course i did now your next to be killed by my energy sword and so does the rest of mordecai's friends(holds his energy sword to kill finn but he ran away)

inside benson's office

benson: (meditating)

finn sneaks inside his office

finn: let's see(looks for a book)

benson:(stops meditating and spotted finn) finn how did you get in here

finn: i was sneaking because i was going to find a book to find a way to cure corruptions

benson: want makes you think about that

sudennly a blast hit the door out there was dark gumball

benson: gumball you look different(reealize that wasn't really gumball) hey who are you and what have you done to gumball

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