it is like a parody of death punchies


mordecai is tired of being poked by rigby and he learns to use the death pokies


it all started where mordecai and rigby are playing dig champs

mordecai: dude can you please let me be player 2

rigby: no way i'm being player 2

mordecai: alright let's see who gets to be player 2 by pokies(pokes rigby's eye but no effect)

rigby; you stink at poking(pokes mordecai's eye)

mordecai: ahh fine

mordecai's player as player 1 accidently touch the bad snails again

mordecai: ahh you know what I had it i beat everyone at pokies

rigby: first of all mordecai you stink at pokies and second of all you never beat one person

mordecai had a back story where he is reminded all the times when he stinks at pokies by being poked in the eye by his friends

mordecai: what ever dude(left)

at the room

mordecai(jumping on rigby's bed) this is all your fault

rigby:(from the living room) you better not be messing up my bed

mordecai:(holds the book) I hate you book(throws the book and throws back epceily got hit in the eye) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sees something) huh tired of being poked then call 124-876-3596 death pokies only $1.99 hymph hymph that'll be easy


mordecai;(reads the note) before you use the death pokie put on the warrior suit(puts on the warrior suit) put a metal finger on your finger(puts it on his finger) and put on gear shoes(puts on his gear shoes)

mordecai test the table to poke but work


mordecai poked hive five and mitch at the backyard

at the garage

mordecai poked skips furry and shrek

at pops's room

mordecai poked pops and he poked the rest of the park members

mordecai:RRRAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH YOUR NEXT RIGBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at the room again

rigby:(sees that the room is a mess) ahh mordecai how could you(sees the book and reads it) tired of being poked then call 124-876-3596 death pokies only 1.99

rigby thoughts from his memories of the episode death pokies

mordecai: dude this is serious we gotta get out of here

rigby: NEVER!!!!!NOT TILL I BEAT YOU AT PUNCHIES!!!!!!!!!!(punched him 3 times)

mordecai: dude stop we're gonna die

rigby:I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!I'M SICK OF YOU ALWAYS WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!

his backstory ends

rigby: well let's do it the old way outside mordecai became a master as a death pokie master while the gang was on the roof

mordecai:SKIPS!!!!!MASAUGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

skips: alright(masauges mordecai)

mordecai: FURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!RUB MY FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

furry:(sigh) fine mordecai fine(rubs mordecai's feet)

suddenlly something was on the ground

mordecai:SHREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO YOU SEE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shrek: about that mordedonkey(puts up the nocleres) i can't see anything it's too far away

mordecai:YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR USING IT ON THE WRONG SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shrek:ohh(puts it on the right side) i think i see rigby

rigby was on the same armor as mordecai

mordecai: well looks like it's time to battle(lands on the ground safely) see you look a bit different but it can't be powerful as you are

rigby: you got it too far this time mordecai i found out your secret

mordecai: not unless you get poked in the eye

mordecai poked rigby in the eye while it's the explosen after the explosen this has no effect on rigby

mordecai: i don't understand...HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rigby: probably when i close my eyes before it got poked i learn the death shield

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