"Space-Time Police Sheriff Shariban!"
Shariban Type-A's roll call
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Demitri is senior of Gash Jumon and Renzo Ichijo, best friend of Kal Hyugu and Denby Igan and a protagonist of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited. When he shouts "Red Shine", he turns into Space-Time Police Sheriff Shariban Type-A . Who first appeared in Another Conclusion (Part 6). Demitri is voiced by Leo Howard.


He has brown hair.

Shariban Type-AEdit

Red ShineEdit

Red Shine Process is What Demitri Transforms into Shariban. When Shariban Transform with the command Red Shine.




Sword hidden in a compartment on the left hip Shariban.

Sharivan KickEdit

Shariban jumps before performing a scissors movement with his legs to carry two kicks after hit or two opponents at once.

Spark BomberEdit

Shariban plunges his opponent spinning on itself before giving him a punch.

Elbow HammerEdit

Shariban hits his opponent with the elbow.

Shariban PunchEdit

Shariban jumps before hitting his opponent with his fist.

Magnum ChopEdit

Shariban jumps before wearing a collar around the neck of his opponent.

Shariban ClashEdit

As Shariban, he uses the Laser Blade sword in his signature move Shariban Crash to Strike hit the Opponment. Shariban uses Prism Goggles to see clearly the object. It is a rectangular yellow glasses with crystal particles, the Grand Birth envelops him with Solar Metal particles tht it absorbs from solar flares to form his armor within milliseconds.

Shariban Double ClashEdit

Shariban Double Clash is a ultimate version of the Shariban Clash.