when mordecai creates a colne as a doodle with a magic pencil(whic he name him doodle mordecai) he turn out to be evil


mordecai was walking in the front then sundennly he sees a big pencel

mordecai; wow

rigby appeared\

rigby: hey what's going-(looked at the pencel) wow what is that\

mordecai; it's a giant pencel duh i go first to draw

rigby:sigh why do you always do something first

mordecai: because your too small and i'm way tall that means your second and i'm first

mordecai draws a bee

mordecai: check it out i draw a bee

rigby; nice try but it needs more art

mordecai; why would you think it needs more art it dosen't look like art

while mordecai was talking rigby sees that a drawing of a bee was moving

rigby; uh mordecai the drawing was moving

mordecai:(spiff) yeah right that drawing would never move before

rigby: no really i mean it's flying away

they saw a drawing of a bee was flying away to the sky

mordecai: do you know what this means

rigby; no why

mordecai; this means(excitement) we found the magic pencil

rigby; ok this time it's my turn

rigby draws something else

moredcai; hey another doodle bee

rigbys was drawed benson with 6 bionic legs crab arms and a galactic lazer eye with a reptile body

rigby; that's benson silly

when doodle benson came out he was acting crazy like a robot

doodle benson: be ba bo bo be ba bo bo be ba bo bo

mordecai; he looks kind of creepy

rigby: totally

mordecai; we can't let him scare the others

rigby erased benson

rigby; poor benson

mordecai: i got an idea

benson appeared


mordecai: we'll just trying to draw something

benson: well draw some were else that way i can read this book about titanic 2 the replacement

as they got to somewhere else they decided to draw something else

mordecai; for right now i can draw a doodle of me

as mordecai was done drawing doodle mordecai came out

mordecai; okay in 3 2 1 action

doodle mordecai;(acting like a hobo) bwa bwe be bwa bwa bwe bo bo ba

doodle bob knock on the door

mordecai and rigby are beginning to laugh

benson came in

benson: sigh what is it this time mor- wait a minute who are you and what have you done to the real mordecai and-(being attack by doddle mordecai) ow e e ow ow ow

rigby: he's beating up benson hahahahahahahahahaha

doddle mordecai punch benson 12 times

mordecai; doodle mordecai stop

doodle mordecai throwed benson in the house


doodle mordecai was acting like an hobo again grabbed the magic pencil and he ran off to the house

rigby; he got's the pencil

mordecai: what have i done we need to protect the others

mordecai: were did he could possibly be

rigby: i think maybe he's in the drawing drawn house

mordecai: come on rigby let's go

(mordecai and rigby hide in the bush)

mordecai: i'm behind you take easy steps

(stand up and footsteps)

mordecai: almost there

(doodle mordecai draws a hole)

mordecai and rigby: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

rigby: what just happened

(doodle mordecai acting like hobo)

mordecai: come on rigby give me a boost up

rigby: does it just gives me here where it's safe

mordecai: no way i created this monster and i have

to stop him

doodle mordecai drops with a wrench

rigby: oof

doodle mordecai act like hobo

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