The episode starts when Mordecai and Rigby are playing rock, paper, scissors. Mordecai loses and must mow the lawn. Mordecai is sick and tired of the many jobs he had to do. Mordecai goes on the park's computer. He tries to look up away to slack off without Benson noticing. He can't find any website. An ad comes up about real life copies. Mordecai thinks about using the hologram 9000, but remembers what happened last time. So, he decides on real life copies. He heads down to The Copier Store. Mordecai walks up to the cashier, Jimmy. He askes to use the copier. Jimmy nods. Mordecai walks over to the copier. He makes a copy of himself. The copy looks just like Mordecai. they both leave the store. Later on, Benson notices the copy of Mordecai mowing the lawn. Benson walks away grinning. Hours of mowing later, the copy is tired. So, Mordecai goes back to The Copier Store. He makes two more copies. Jimmy warns Mordecai not to make too many copies, but Mordecai ignores Jimmy making more and more copies, until he reaches 10 copies. The 10 copies do Mordecai's work. When Mordecai walks outside to look at the progress the copies did, but the copies weren't there! Mordecai the hears a loud crash. He turns around to see that the 10 copies turned into giants! Mordecai then rushes to Skips ' house. Mordecai tells Skips what happened. Skips was very dissapointed. He says the only way to stop the copies is spilling soda at them. Mordecai and Skips spill soda at the 10 of them. They all melt in a matter of seconds, leaving the park in rubbles. Luckily, the park resets to its normal self. Skips tells Mordecai to never make copies of himself again! Then the episode ended


  • Mordecai
  • Rigby (Cameo)
  • Skips
  • Benson (Cameo)
  • Jimmy (Cameo)
  • Copies of Mordecai (Antagonists) 

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