Epic Electric Eel

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February 14, 2013

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Just Don't Get Fired

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The Camera (Season 2)

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Season 1, Episode 6

Mordecai and Rigby find an electric eel, at first they think he's cool, but he starts zapping all of their friends!









Muscle Man


Mordecai: Hey Dude! Let's go to the lake! 

Rigby: Yeayuh! 

(at the lake, they are fishing)

Rigby: I'm gonna catch a bullet! 

Mordecai: Don't you mean a mullet? 

Rigby: Whatever. 

Mordecai: Pff, I'm gonna catch anything! Because this lake has non-lake animals! Hey Dude! I've got an idea! 

Rigby: What?

Mordecai: I'm gonaaaaaargh! 

Rigby: Dude, what are you doing? 

Mordecai: Ow, I think I've been electricicuted! 

(an eel pops out of the ocean) 

Eel: Hey dudes! 

Mordecai: Who are you? 

Eel: I'm the eel who just electricicuted you! 

Rigby: How are you breathing? 

Eel: Oh Yeah, one second. 

(goes in the water and all the water goes down) 

Eel: See dudes! I'm epic! 

Mordecai: Yeay, you are! 

Eel: I can breathe in the air! 

Mordecai: Follow us, third friend! 

Rigby: Yeah! You rule!

(cut to the park) 

Mordecai: So, dude, this is where we live!

Eel: Ooh! (zaps Pops)

Pops: Ooh! (cries) WHY!? 

Mordecai: Woah Dude!

Rigby: Not Cool. 


(he zaps Muscle Man, High-Five Ghost, Benson and Thomas]])

Skips: NO! 

Mordecai: What's wrong Skips? 

Skips: That's not an eel! 

Rigby: What is it? 

(they see it smash through walls)

Skips: It's a Lobber!

Lobber: SKIPS.

Mordecai: How does it know you? 

(the lobber destroys something) 

Skips: I'll answer your question with a question, did you go fishing in the abandoned lake?

Rigby: Uhh, yeah. 

Skips: It's not a lake! It's a Lobrome! The home of the Lobbers! 

(it smashes some stuff)

Skips: Back in 1923, I went swimming in the Lobrome and it zapped me, we got in a fight and I thought they were dead! But I was wrong! 

Rigby: Well, how do we stop it?!

(it suddenly zaps Skips and he falls)

Skips: You've gotta, step on it's foot! 

(he passes out) 

Mordecai: WHAT FEET!? 

Rigby: This foot! (steps on it and an explosion happens)

(everything is now back to normal)


Mordecai: What have we done?

Benson: I appreciate the fact that you've taken up fishing-

Rigby: It was kinda lame. 

Benson: RIGBY! But you brought home that thing and it destroyed half the park! IF YOU TWO MORONS DON'T CLEAN UP THIS MESS, THEN YOU'RE FIRED! (walks away)

Mordecai: D'ya think he'll fire us? 

Rigby: Probably not, he always says that. 

(suddenly Mordecai's phone rings and it's Margaret) 

Mordecai: Hey Margaret! 

Margaret: (crying) Mordecai! I'm so sorry!

Mordecai: Why? You haven't done anything to make me upset, now have you? 

Margaret: No, but look, I've got into a college 210 miles away! I'm sorry, but! We can't hang out anymore! (hangs up) 

Mordecai: (drops phone and it smashes) 

Rigby: What did she want? 

Mordecai: I'm never going to see her again! 

Rigby: Yeah you will, let's go to the co-

Mordecai: No. She's moving 210 miles away. 

(he walks away) 



Season 2 started with Mordecai not really caring about Margaret being gone, basically watch Laundry Woes at the begining to see how he gets over her, :P


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