a mysterious villain came to the park to create exit 10d


it was a fine day at the park where the new guys are

new guy: hello our name is tiff tuff and kirby were here for a job

as they heard something after they got outside they saw something chaos

the gang are running for their lives from a mysterious villain

the mysterious villain shot mordecai rigby gumball darwin and dipper with his gun.

but wendy mabel finn jake shrek and furry epecially tomas anthony mitch hive five skips benson pops plus the autobots are contuing running.

the mysterious villain shot furry

furry: ow

the mysterious villain shot anthony shrek thomas finn jake wendy and mabel.

benson: guys let's teleport

then benson mitch hive five skips pops and the autobots teleported

mysterious villain: now to have vengeance

the mysterious villain destroyed the house with explosens

mysterious villain:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then tiff tuff and kirby looked scared

2 months later after that it was horrible the robots are creating something then benson and the rest of the gang teleported

benson; why would he done this

otimus prime: i'm not sure something tells me that this mysteroius villain is mysterious

muscle man; otimus is right their is a mysteroius villain around here.

finn: hey losers! get out of here! this place now belongs to the mysterious villan!

benson: finn don't you remember us

finn: no now get out!(push the gang)

while the gang is pushed skips sees something on finn's head then finn throwed them away

finn: AND STAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(walking away)

skips: did you see what i see

benson: yeah finn becoming stupid to not remember us

skips: no not that the thing on his head it could be a mind controller head plug

thomas: how did you know

skips; cause the villain gun hits many of our friends' head and  it mught be mind controll head plugs out of that gun

otimus prime; well we got to get these off

at the car store

the gang went to the car storel dudes

benson: hey uhh we're looking for mordecai and rigby

car store dude: we're are mordecai and rigby

mordecai and rigbyrise from the car and was being controlled by the mind controller head plugs

rigby: how may we help you

skips; ya'll got a little something on your forehead( trying to get them off)

mordecai: okay

as they got them off they remembered

rigby:(out of being mind controlled) wait what what's going on what are we doing here

prowl: it's a long story

back at the park

benson; okay otimus you and your frineds can stay here that way they won't find out we were here

otimus prime; of course benson

in the house

benson mordecai and rigby are hiding in the closet

kirby tiff tuff(as being chained together) finn and the mysterious villain appeared

mysterious villain: i can't wait to revived the fears of the heroes

finn: why yes sure i totally kicked these losers out of the park

tiff: you'll never get away of this

tuff; tiff's right you better put mind controll offline or kirby can suck you up

mysterious villain: shut up tuff and besides i drain kirby's powers to my exit 10d progrem once if exit 10d is finished i will rule the world after the death of the heroes and finn take these three outside while we watched them that way they won't cause any trouble

finn; as your wish

then they lefted

benson: this is horrible

mordecai; why would that villain do this to tiff tuff and kirby

back outside

mordecai: all right guys listen up these mind controll from the villain shall be terminated at all cost

at the school for agults gumball an darwin are teaching them then mordecai broke the mind controlls and g,and d remembered

at the museum dipper mabel and wendy are managers then benson wiped them off and they remembered

at the carrot building furry was having some carrots then when skips appeared he grabbedthe mind controol plug and broke it then furry remembered

at the grocery anthony and shrek are cashiers then mitch and hive five appeared as they took the mind plugs off then shrek and anthony remembered

at the pizza shop thomas was a pizza shop waiter then rigby appeared then take the mind plug off and thomas remembered

later that night

benson: al right guys now that's two more is finn and jake

jake was a guard dog

jake: go away you intruders or face my wrath

rigby: grabbed the mind plug then jake remembered

jake; guys what am i doing here

benson: it's a long story

mordecai: so this villain wants to create exit 10d

skips: i have no idea

sundenlly they were knocked out and kidnapped

somewhere at the park the gang woked up and are stucked in the stone puddle and tiff tuff kirby(still chain together) finn and the mysterious villain appeared

bumble bee: why are we stuck in a stone puddle

mysterious villain: no time to explain

rigby: why do you want to create exit 10d

mysterious villain: that's because you killed my father

shrek: what are you talking about

mysterious villain; oh yeah i almost forgot to reveal myself

as the mysterious began to reveal himself he turn out to be a robot powersuit out there was a dragon turtle kid

dragon turtle kid: it is i bowser jr

mordecai: why do you want to aveange your father

bowser jr: because you killed him by pulling the bridge plug

rigby: that's because he stole our ultimate gems

bowser jr: that's because my father bowser is the best dad he use them to create my robots now that i create robot like millions of them my self now my other creation exit 10d is here

it creates a portal as bowser jr revived matrie d, the guardin of internet,willaim,the bad piggies, the rabbids,barranco, the koopas,zombies, stag man, the weenies, carey o'key,the urge,the hammer, darthon, doom ma ganon,the raving drones, plank droids, plankton, the night owl,snowballs the ice monster, the construction workers, matrie d's minions, barranco,pink,barranco's brothers, gbf, gbf jr, kamek, the duck collecter, and bowser.

bowser: now our revengeance has just rebirth

finn: this is your last chance i am no need for a mind plug and you think you can memory jog me with some puny mind plug takeoff? ha!

bowser jr: oh i see what's the promblem i accidently press the mind control offline i guess i'll reactivate it

as he ractivate finn was re-mind controlled

bowser; king pig shark butt i miss you guys

shark butt: i know but we also have a second master barranco

barranco appeared

barranco; hello bowsr

bowser: well barranco you sure did take care of the piggies

barranco; i know also i have a son of mine that can help bowser jr

pink as the raving drone appeared

pink: hello bowser jr my name is pink

bowser jr: nice to meet ya can we become friends

pink: sure

bowser jr got on pink as his ride

pink: now bowser jr let's teach these guys a lesson

when they are about to kill the gang something destroyed the stone puddle it was skip's friends

gary: we are about to have another war against the villains

a bunch of the gang's old friends arrived

mordecai: CHARGE!!!!!!!!!

bowser jr;ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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