furry decided to get extra smarter by being a fourth grade gradulate to try to get his diploma.


shrek was at the kitchen while he sees furry making something

shrek: what ya doing donkey

furry: making something to get me extra smarter

he finally made something

furry: shrek witnss the fur shake (begining drinking it)

shrek: uh donkey i shouldn't do that if i fie were you

furry: (weird coughing) wow i feel smarter

outside the ice cream man showed up

ice cream man: free ice cream for kids as only fourth grade gradulates

tiff: tuff kirby and i got our diploma right here

gumball darwin anthony finn also appeared with their fourth grade diplomas

furry made a fake dipolma

the ice cream truck drove away

furry: wait i got my diploma too

gumball sees the words dieploemaa wrong

gumball: oh furry you silly guy that's not how you spell diploma

furry: oh man all i have to do is to gradulate fourth grade and i will have my diploma\

at the school

teacher: all right class this may be the hardest quisten but whoever finds out what 2 divided by 246 is will get the diploma and don't have to go to school for the rest of ya'lls lives

furry raise his hand

furry put his answer 123

the tacher gave furry his diploma

teacher: congradulations furry you got the right anwser and you don't have to go to school for the rest of your lives

sundennly it turn out to be a dream

tacher: wake up

furry:(waking up) huh did i get my diploma

teacher: get out of the class

back at the park.....

shrek: so you were sleeping in class don't ya

furry:HUSH!!!!!!!!!(walking to the computer room

computer test voice: get your fourth grade diploma for taking an online test now

furry: i got this (click) BAM!

computer test voice: first quiestion which is a circle

furry: aww it's too hard (throw the chair and shaking the computer)I WANT MY DIPLOMA!!!!!!!

some ads appeared and the last ad was the image of smart drink

furry: smart drink i gotta drink it

20 mins later after ordering smart drink

furry:(reading the instructions) before you drink this you have to wait until 3 weeks aww i gotta drink this now at least it didn't tell me not to (drinking)


finn and shrek are watching the fairly oddparents when furry comes where there are at

furry: hey dumbies im doing a crossword

finn: oh i now the word smartest

furry: aparently the first one saids what's the oggers name that is green and fat but always eat cheesecake that the name starts with the s and it ends with a k shrek

finn: (thinking that's not right) THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!! YOUR JUST LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shrek: actually it's true

furry: so face it guys i'm the smartest now( drinking smart drink)

finn and shrek: HEY GIVE US THAT!!!!!!!!!!

furry;NO! (running away back to the computer room locking the door)

furry anwser a

computer voice; correct qustion 2 what is 2 divided by 12

furry: six(anwsered c)

computer voice: correct

furry anwsered a lot of quistons right

computer voice; final qustion who is the first president

furry; uhh GEORGE WASINGTON awnsered d

computer voice; correct now heres your fourth grade diploma

the printer gave furry a diploma

furry: my diploma(crying for joy) i finally did it( stop crying) YES!!!! thank you smart drink i could ever thank you

finn:(knocking the door angrily) OPEN THIS DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!

furry open the door

shrek: wait is that your fourth grade diploma

furry: why yes it is now that i got my fourth grade diploma i became the smartest of all thanks to this drink smart drink i'm now the master of smartness

finn and dhrek: GIVE US THAT!!!!!!

furry: what that

finn: the one your holding

furry: what the diploma?

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