Fly is the first episode of Regular Show written by Koren Steen. It was aired on February 2, 2013. It is notorious for its overdosed references about Yoko Ono.


After a hard day's work cleaning up Skips's garage, they managed to find a box full of discs which contained a variety of old music but one CD stands out of all of them. More things happened as they decided to play one of the songs.


Mordecai and Rigby are cleaning Skips' garage per Benson's order. Almost finished, Mordecai asked for Rigby to help him with the last box which they later found out to be filled with old records and CDs. It caught Mordecai's interest but Rigby seemed to be not that interested. Mordecai shows a CD, labeled with the name "Fly" and speculates that it's an experimental album much to Rigby's disdain.

Later, they are in their bedroom with a CD player and speakers in order to play the CD they found. Rigby suggested the fourth track of the album called "Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for her Hand in the Snow)". As they did, they noticed that snow was coming out of the speakers when Mordecai felt a cold feeling in his ear and then to Rigby. The plug was stuck in the outlet as it is now frozen, leaving the room to be sprinkled with snow. As soon as the wailing of the song begins and its intro, the blizzard intensifies and engulfs them in whiteness.

They wake up and find themselves in a snowy forest of dead trees. Later, the same voice heard in the song introduced the place which is called "Greenfield". They both requested that they want to escape and the voice easily obliges and it told them that all they had to do was to look for her hand and find two signs that bear her daughter's name and choose the right one which was the most challenging of the challenge. Before proceeding, the voice warned them of Samantha which they quickly shrug-off. Mordecai and Rigby then followed the objectives and find the two signs with beckoning hands sticking out but only to be caught off guard when they saw the signs are written in Japanese and both actually reading Kyoko but must choose the right written characters. After arguing which the right one is, Mordecai and Rigby went to the left and right spots respectively. They both touch the hands and the voice returns to see them. Much to Mordecai's surprise, Rigby wins. Unexpectedly, the wrong hand that Mordecai has chosen suddenly froze him to a block of ice. Rigby winning the challenge, was quickly transported from Greenfield, sending him away from his friend.

Skips later arrived in the room to thank Mordecai and Rigby but only to find Rigby in panic, asking for help since Mordecai is trapped in the snowy forest. Skips reacted with little surprise when he mentioned that Mordecai was the one in trouble. He tells Rigby to play the song again so they could be in Greenfield again.

The voice greeted them quickly as they arrived. Something that Rigby said seems to have prompted the voice to send them to the deepest darkest parts of the forest. Before the voice disappears, they warn them about the creatures that would possibly eat creatures as small as Rigby, which made him scared. Skips comforts Rigby and they both run off to find Mordecai's frozen spot, fighting their way through monstrous trees. When they made it to the spot, the hand from the other spot reveals herself to be a snow ghost and also the speaking voice. She gives them one last obstacle to touch the hand that froze Mordecai so he can melt. They finally do and a rain cloud appears in the sky, melting Mordecai but also the icy ground, sending them home through a watery portal.

They return to the bedroom, all wet. Mordecai thanks Rigby for saving his life. Skips warned them that next time, they should not mess with his junk which they laugh to lightheartedly. Benson arrives to the bedroom to see what is Skips taking so long and is enraged to see that the whole room and themselves wet.



  • This "episode" made many references to Yoko Ono, most of which are her songs
  • The name of the episode is actually a noun, referring to the insect (which the real life album also implies)
  • Many songs referenced are from different points in her discography (ca. '70-'85)
  • The snow ghost is based on the yūrei: Japan's version of ghosts, hence the legless description
  • Yoko Ono's name is not explicitly stated so as to keep in with Regular Show's way of subtly satirizing a certain artist (e.g. Ladonna)
  • This is the only episode in Season 1 to not be written by JoPo
  • Despite the fact that this episode aired on February 2, 2013, this is Episode 14 on Season 1. Which the first episode aired 10 days after.

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