Character Info Edit

Name Furry
Species Rabbid
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Occupation Member of the Rabbid Empire(Formerly)
Groundskeeper (Currently)
Member of Redmark Empire (Currently)
Affiliation Rabbid Empire (Formerly)
The Park (Currently)
Redmark Empire (Currently)
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Played By Nolan North

Name= furry

Species= rabbid

Affiliations= rabbid army ( formerly) park heroes, Redmark Empire

Age= possibly 8


Furry is a former member of the Rabbid Empire and member of Redmark Empire. He also makes a guest appearance in Fighter Dive 4 from The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited


Furry was a rabbid that use to be a part of the rabbid army. When he crash landed on the park he met mordecai and rigby but speak less. Shrek gave him carrot slice cheesecake and he loves it. It is unknown how he got back to the ship he started to talk and joins the good side epceially freed the park members while battling the rabbids. After the ship was destroyed he tells benson that he joins to the good side.


He has a hat with an f that stands for furry with boy shoes