Future Omega Ranger is a Ranger form and sent by Dimitria the past who can' transform into all the Sixth & Seventh Rangers from the past 19 seasons and the Guardian of the Hall of Legends and he is a friend of Red Ranger X who also knows Red Ranger X secret and sometimes helps the Time Pirates Red Ranger X wanted Future Omega Ranger to keep Zordon in the Hall of Lgends he & Red RngerX plus Dimitria are the ony ones who knows that Zordon is back to life & that these new rangers will have the ability to morph into the past Power Rangers.

Ranger FormsEdit

Sixth & Seventh Spirits


Green Power Ranger

  • Green Power Ranger
    • Dragon Shield
    • Dragon Dagger


White Power Ranger

  • White Power Ranger
    • Saba



File:Zeo Gold.png
  • Gold Zeo Ranger
    • Golden Power Staff

Space silver

Silver Space Ranger

  • Silver Space Ranger
    • Weapons
      • Super Silverizer

Magma Defender

Magna Defender

  • Magna Dfender
    • Magna Sword/Magna Blaster


Titanium Ranger

  • Titanium Ranger
    • Titanium Laser

Quantum Time

Quantum Ranger

  • Quantum Ranger
    • Quantum Defender

Wild Force223

Lunar Wolf Ranger

  • Lunar Wolf Ranger
    • Lunar Cue

Ninja Storm13332

Green Samurai Ranger

  • Green Samurai Ranger
    • Samurai Saber


Super Samurai Mode

  • Super Samurai Mode
  • Samurai Saber

Dino Thunder45

White Dino Ranger

  • White Dino Ranger
    • Drago Sword


SPD Omega Ranger

  • SPD Omega Ranger
    • Omega Morpher


SPD Shadow Ranger

  • SPD Shadow Ranger
    • Shadow Saber

Mystic Force333

Solaris Knight

  • Solaris Knight
    • Laser Lamp

Operation Overdrivewqqwwweqew

Mercury Ranger

  • Mercury Ranger
    • Drive Detector
    • Drill Blaster

Shark Ranger

Jungle Fury Shark Ranger

  • Jungle Fury Shark Ranger
    • Shark Sabers

Bat Ranger

Jungle Fury Bat Ranger

  • Jungle Fury Bat Ranger
    • Jungle Fan

Elephant Ranger

Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger

  • Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger
    • Jungle Mace


Ranger Operator Series Gold

  • Ranger Operator Series Gold
    • SkyShift Blazer
    • Cloud Hatchet


Ranger Operator Series Silver

  • Ranger Operator Series Silver (male version)
  • Ranger Operator Series Silver
    • SkyShift Blazer
    • Cloud Hatchet


Gold Samurai Ranger

  • Gold Samurai Ranger
    • Barracuda Blade

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