when gumball and darwin walking on the streets to get back to the park a owner in the car didn't pay attenction then the car was about ran over darwin but gumball sacrificed himself while saving darwin's life.


it was a fine day at the city where gumball and darwin are carrying groceries to the park.

gumball: i love carring groceries

darwin: me too this job is fun

benson;(on walkietalkie) hello this is benson to gumball and darwin over

gumball picked up the walkietalkie

gumball; yes benson this is gumball and darwin over

benson;(on walkie talkie) have you picked up the groceries yet 

gumball: yes

benson:(on walkie talkie) good now head back to the park

gumball; you can count on us sir

darwin: alright let's go

they walk to the streets while the street machine sign saids walk but the car person never listen so the person in the car was about to ran over darwin

darwin; that is not good

gumball:(sacrificing himself)NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

gumball push darwin to save his life then he got ran overed as well

darwin; gumball gumball speak to me are you alright

but he wouldn't anwser


back at the park where darwin was taking the groceries and gumball

benson; what's with gumball

darwin; gumball (sniff) is.......

benson: spit it out

darwin: gumball's dead


darwin; the car person couldn't listen to the sign so gumball saved me but he got ranovered to sacrifize.

benson; oh no this is bad

darwin; i know

rigby appeared

rigby; have you seen mordecai i need to talk to him

benson; at his room

rigby; thanks

rigby left

benson: okay here's the plan we need to find a place to burie his corspe but also we don't want anybody to see his dead body

darwin; why not

benson; cause if they see this they might think we were cat murderers plus they will probably send us to jail

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