Benson fitting into his pants for the meeting.

Gumblob is an episode of Regular Show.


Benson wakes up, but is craving food, he runs down stairs for some breakfast, and grabs some leftover pizza from last night, and a liter of soda. He literally gorges himself with those 6 whole pizzas, and the liter. He then burps loudly, and heads over to the living room, and sits on the couch. While Benson digests his food, his stomach grew into the size of a beach ball. He pats his stomach and calls out for Mordecai and Rigby for some snacks. When they walked in, one of them asked why Benson has a big belly. Benson answers “Don’t ask again, or you’re fired. Now get me some food…”

Mordecai and Rigby went outside and brought a large chocolate cheesecake just for Benson. Benson ate the cheesecake, but it wasn’t enough. Benson gave the two 40 dollars so they could get him the biggest cheesecake they could buy. When Mordecai and Rigby arrived with a chocolate-swirled cheesecake that was as big as a couch, Benson thanked Mordecai and Rigby for bringing him the cheesecake. As Benson wolfed down the cheesecake, his body blew up with fat. It was the most fattening cheesecake he had ever eaten.

Irregular EventEdit

When Benson woke up the next day, he was extremely overweight. He screams so loud that Mordecai and Rigby immediately ran to him. The two were shocked to see what happened to Benson.

After an hour had past, with Mordecai and Rigby helping Benson get out of the house, Pops came in, and asked Benson if he wanted to attend a meeting with other bosses. Benson couldn’t disagree, but he had to agree. And so, Mordecai, Rigby and Pops brought him a pair of jeans, which fitted his blobby shape, but the buttons were let loose, because his stomach was hanging in all directions. Next was a buttoned shirt, and the buttons were apart from each other.

At the meeting, Benson was asked to explain what happened to him, just then, his stomach growled. He went outside and felt himself growing bigger and fatter until he was as big as the park house! His large stomach gurgled again, wanting more food.

When Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops found out about Benson’s eating rampage, they went into the town, and saw the house-sized Benson eating all the piles of food he found. Benson lost the ability to walk, and screamed out in a deep voice “BENSON HUNGRY!!!” he was slowly becoming a massively overweight giant.

Just then, Pops had an idea, when he pulled out a blue pill, he asked Mordecai and Rigby to move back. Pops climbed up to Benson’s gut and to his chest, and told Benson to open his mouth, while Pops dropped the pill into Benson’s mouth, Benson felt like he was shrinking. He was losing all the weight he had in his body! He looked very skinny.

Mordecai and Rigby told Benson that they were sorry for feeding him the 40 dollar cheesecake. Benson told them that he’s never gaining weight again, Rigby ends the episode by saying “That’s gonna take at least a week for Benson to be less ‘anorexic’.”

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