this is a sequel of hector's return


hector returns again while rebirth this time as an organic like monster seeking revenge


the episode starts with mordecai and rayman and gumball and Anthony at the beach while sunset

mordecai: you know guys we have the best job ever

anthony: yeah i know like fighting bad guys this is why i like this job

gumball: yeah this is awesome

rayman: hey guys i got a message it's from benson(reads the note from his ipod) guys this is benson there's a problem we are under attack return to the park imedilitly this is important(stops reading the note) guys there's something happening at the park we gotta get there

at the park everything was ruin there were fire all over the park the fountain got destroyed the fruit bar collaspe and the house was destoryed

mordecai: what happen here

benson:(got damaged) mordecai i'm glad your here

mordecai: what's going on

benson: some sort of monster attacked us while it sounds like hector

mordecai:sounds like hector???that can mean only one thing.....hector's back

hector punched him behind but surprisingly, and this time as a purple monster with dragon wings blue eyes with white eye lids strong arms eyes on his hands for shileds a scale body a alien head and t rex legs epecially a sharp tail

hector:(demon voice) hello it's me hector

mordecai: huh how did? we-

hector:(demon voice) i'll explain as you can see after you destoryed my soul it has remains while becoming a puddle as myself as a puddle connect to gumball's barf i started to get reborn so that's how i'm back alive

mordecai tried to punch him put hector uses his hand's eye as a shield

mordecai: huh(being scratch in the arm by hector) ow my arm

hector: and this time i found a friend

the mysterious enemy revealed as matrie

matrie: that is right you fools thought i was dead no i survived as you can see(clapped his hands two times) flashback please

it shows a flashback

hector: when mitch made me tripped over by his leg i was breaked out of bistlo la park you thought i was dead no i was only uncosious with my eyes open soon hector awaken me and we became pals

the flashback ends

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