None ATM
Description of Character
Title Hops
A.K.A. Runs
Gender Male
Race Yeti
Family Skips

Description Edit

Hops is the younger brother of Skips. Unlike him, Hops is not really strong, but he can still build stuff better than his older sibling. Hops is good at technology just like Techmo. He is faster and can fit in any small space, whether it is a rat or mouse hole etc. He has less hair than Skips. The reason why he is called "Hops", is because he was tired of why people keep on asking why his name is "Runs", when he always hops.

Friends Edit

Relatives Edit

  • Skips is 10 years older than Hops.

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Pyron

People he doesn't like, but can stand Edit

  • Muscle Man
  • Hi-Five Ghost
  • Benson

Stories Edit

Role-Plays Edit


Other Peoples' Stories Edit

My Stories Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He works with Max and Skips at the Park only.

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