anthony build the shrinkanator 900 and shrinks mordecai rigby skips pops mitch and hive five


anthony: i present to you my latest invention(reveal his invention) the shrinkanator 900

shrek: what does it do

anthony; good qustion it shrinks people

benson: i say this shrinkanator is probably stupid

anthony; oh really i show you proof it really works

he shoot mordecai rigby skips pops mitcha and hive five as they shrunked

benson: never mind it works

somewhere the gang gets tiny

mordecai; wow it really did work

pops; that's a good device we can be very rich to see their faces

skips: aparently i like it

mitch: do you know who else like inventions my mom

hive five: man mitch that joke is awesome

rigby: uhh guys is that a germ

the giant germ appared

giant germ: RRRRROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai rigby pops skips mitch hivefive: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

back with the other gang that are not shrunked

finn: also, i've built the mobile size modifier 1800 it has shrink and growth technalogy

finn shrinks himself to the size of the hrunken gang and rushes to mordecai

finn: what's going on

mordecai: what do you think we're being spotted by a giant germ

sundennly the giant germ destroyed finns size modifer 1800

quickly let's go

they run away but the giant germ is chasing them

back with the full size gang again

benson: how's the signal of the modifer

anthony checked and sees that the transmission was block he didn't know that the modifer was destroyed he thinks it's singal went out

anthony: it appears that i lost the signal from finn

benson: let me see that

benson sees that

benson: i should try to call finn from the block transmission(trying to contact finn) finn this is benson you there(puted up the head sets) actually somethings blocking our signal or it can be super glitchy

back with the smaller gang

rigby: is he still following us

mordecai: i think we lost him

rigby: finally he's gone

the 3 of the ants appeared

ant 1: well well well what do were have here somehow bob

bob: i don't know john what do you think wyatt

wyatt: probably just a bunch of intruders that turned to our size

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