If You Love Me for Me is a song by Daisy Johnson and Sam Alexander. It is sung episode Love is (100%) in The Air.


  • Daisy Johnson: (Singing) ♪Once a lass met a lad♪ ♪You're a gentle one, said she In my heart♪ ♪I'd be glad If you loved me for me♪ ♪You say your love is true♪ ♪And I hope that it will be♪
  • Sam Alexander: (Singing) ♪I'd be sure, if I knew♪ ♪That you loved me for me♪
  • Daisy Johnson: ♪Could I be the one you're seeking?♪ ♪Will I be the one you choose♪ ♪Can you tell my heart is speaking?♪ ♪My eyes will give you clues♪
  • Sam Alexander: (Singing) ♪What you see may be deceiving♪ ♪Truth lies underneath the skin♪
  • Daisy Jonhson: ♪Hope will blossum by believing♪
  • Both: ♪The heart that lies within♪
  • Sam Alexander: ♪I'll be yours♪ ♪Together we shall always be as one♪ ♪If you love me for me♪
  • Sam Alexander & Daisy Johnson: ♪I'll be yours!♪ // ♪Who can say where we'll go,♪ ♪Together we shall always♪ // ♪Who can promise that we'll be Be as one♪ // But I'll stay by your side♪
  • Both: ♪If you love me for me♪ ♪If you love me for me♪