Iron Rigby is a spin-off series of Regular Show created by Brandon Frangipani.  It is in the third season of Regular Show: GO! and will play as the second part in each episode.


Tony Stark (Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr.) is visited by a newer villain named Dr.Barsinister (Underdog, 2007)
Iron rigby pic 1
, who is helping re-create the alien race known as the Deathrage, after their long-term extinction.  Barsinister steals the Dark Cube without Tony noticing and calls upon someone to help (you will know it is Rigby).  After Rigby being transported to New York, Tony develops a suit for him that is 2x more powerful than the suit in The Avengers.  There will be episodes in seasons 3, 4, and 5 of Regular Show: GO!


Season 0 (pilot) - TBA

Season 1 - TBA

Season 2 - TBA

Season 3 - TBA

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