(The episode starts with Mordecai and Rigby in the cart and Rigby says)

Rigby: Ah!!! This is the worst day of my life!

Mordecai: What! Just 10 minutes ago you said this was the best day of your life.

Rigby: I did not say that!

Mordecai: Yeah you did you said it was the best day of your life because. We didn't have to work, we got to sleep in, we played video games for 2 hours, and we went to Burrito Shack to get a burrito.

Rigby: Yeah but that was before Benson called a emergency house meeting, and we were going to go to Wonder Con!

Mordecai: Yeah right Wonder Con costs $200 per ticket.

Rigby: Whatever and I don't see you complanning!

Mordecai: Look dude I don't like emergency house meetings then the next blue jay but...

(But before Mordecai could say another word Benson said)

Benson: Hey! There you two are the emergency house meeting started 20 minutes ag.. Wait is that a burrito?

Rigby: Yeah.

Benson: Give it!

(So Mordecai through the burrito)

Benson: Anyway mmm as he eats the burrito we got some bad mmm news two nerds stole mmm the park's emergency mmm money.

All but Mordecai and Rigby: Oh no!

Rigby: What who cares about money?

Skips: Rigby the park emergency money is the money that keeps the park up and running, that means no cart.

Mordecai: Ptttff we can walk

Muscle Man: No Muscle Ice Cream.

Rigby: Nobody eats that crap!

Benson: And mmm no video games mmm.

Both: Nooooo!!!!!

Benson: But those two nerds took the money to some stupid convention called...uh? Winner-Con? Winter-Con?

Mordecai: Uh is it called Wonder-Con?

Benson: Uh oh yeah!

Rigby: No way Wonder Con! We've wanted to go there like ever!

Benson: Whatever so I need two workers to come with me.

(Then Mordecai and Rigby raised there hands high)

Benson: Uh Skips?

Skips: Sorry but I have to rebuild Mr. Maellard's second house.

Benson: Pops?

Pops: Sorry Benson I would love to come to this con of wonder but I have to stay at my grand ma ma's

Mordecai and Rigby: Us! Pick us!

Benson: Fine! Mordecai and Rigby you can come

Both: Ohhh!!!! Wonda Con! Wonda Con!

Mordecai: Its a place to dress up like a supah hero!

Rigby: Its a place where you meet smelly nerds pe uw!

Mordecai: It may smell like sweaty old men and 20 day old corn dogs!


(Then Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson arrive at Wonder-Con Mordecai and Rigby are dressed up but Benson isn't)

Mordecai: This place is..AWESOME!

Rigby: It may smell but who cares!

Benson: This is now number 1 in my top 10 list of places I want to burn do..

(But then Benson saw the two kids who stole the park emegency money)

Benson: Its them!

Rigby: Who?

Benson: The kids who stole the park emergency money!

Mordecai: Let's tackle them!

Benson: No they could destroy the money, but I have a plan.

(So Benson's plan was Mordecai and Rigby would make friends with them while Benson tried to pick pocket the money)

Mordecai: Hey Wonder-Con fans!

Nerd #1: S'up!

Nerd #2: Yeah S'up

Rigby: So you guys want to be friends?

To Be Continuted.

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