Ivie Vegas is the twin sister of Olivina Abott.


Except for their eye color and skin-tone, Olivina and Ivie look totally identical. They both have round chins, high noses, brown eyebrows and brown hair. However, Ivie has wide, bright violet eyes. She wears special contact lenses, for vampires that protect her eyes from the sun and make them appear blue. Ivie is "blessed" with flawless marble white complexion, even without her makeup. Olivia and Ivy both have long dark brown hair up to their waists, but they wear their hair differently. Ivie's hair has straight bangs and she usually wears it down.

Ivie wears a lot of dark makeup unlike her sister's natural looking, pink makeup. She wears a lot of black mascara, that make her eyelashes thick, black, and curly, thick black eyeliner from a eyeliner pencil as thick as a Sharpie, and plum purple lipstick. When being Olivina, Ivie has to practice being cheerful, bouncing on her heels, smiling all the time, and flip her hair. Ivie, along with her sister Olivina, are often praised for their appearances.

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