mordecai gets jinxed by rigby while poking his eyes. but sundenlly after mordecai says mordecai three times on the computer the cy-botic monster like mordecai known as iacedrom came out of the computer.


the episode starts with mordecai and rigby finished taking out the trash

mordecai: man why can't we be lazy so that way we can chill for a while

rigby: because that can be stupid

mordecai; what you call this stupid

they sees a penny and mordecai grabbed it first

rigby: jinx

mordecai: yeah this penny's mine(poked in the eye my rigby) ow(drops the penny) you idiot look what you made me do(poked in he eye my rigby again)

rigby: i said jinx mordecai

mordecai: what do you mean (poked in the eye) ow how dare you-(poked in the eye) ow

rigby: you know how this works you can't talk and if you did you get poked in the eye

modecai: fine (poked in the eye) ow what all i said was find (poked in the eye) ow

mordecai left

at the house

mordecai; hey sonic

sonic: yeah

mordecai: do you know how to get away from my jinx

sonic; i don't know(get poked in the eye) ow

anthony: that's how you get for talking

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