Jonathan is a Action/Adventure tv series created by Mordecai

"Jonathan" it's a story about Jonathan the young soldier who always have an dangerous adventures in Chicago in 2027 year. Along with his wife Mary-Ann and his 7-year-old son Tommy trying to save the world against evil creatures and monsters.

It's the popular show in K-Cartoon Television having 203 episodes in 11 seasons. In 2012 year this show have an 10th anniversary.

Jonathan Action/Adventure
Creator Mordecai
Starring Gumball Watterson,Jenny Wakeman,Mordecai,Maragret,Homer Simpson
Composer Skips,Benson,Rigby
Airdate November 19 2002-present
Related Shows Jake,Jerry,Brianna,Seby,Tatina,Regular Show
Preceeded by Jerry

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