Jul 'Mdama

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Name Jul 'Mdama
Gender Male
Hair None
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Occupation Lord of the Rabbid Empire
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"We fight one another now, but we should be fighting the true enemy. Human"
Jul 'Mdama greeting Kaidon Panom

Jul 'Mdama is a Sangheili and was the Lord of Bekan Keep in the rural state of 'Mdama, where he lived with his wife, Raia, and his children, two of which are Dural and Asum. He later became the leader of the Covenant Remnant, assuming the title of the Didact's Hand.


During the events of the end of the Covenant/Human Civil War. He have sided with the Sangheili Rebellion and called themselves as "The Servants of the abiding Truth" (As thee only ones who trusted the Prophets), and start a war againt the Sangheili who served the Arbiter, Thel Vadam. After the leader of the S.O.T.A.T.  got murdered, he became the leader of the new born Covenant claimed to be the Covenant Remnant. After they were bannished from Sangheilious, they found Requiem and were trying to find a way to open it since at least 3 Years. They discovered the Forward Onto Dawn, but did not know that it was torned in half. After John-117 destroyed one of the Cruisers, the Covenant Remnant got sucked in to Requiem and manage to find a way to get to the core where they can rescue an imprisoned Forerunner, but John-117 got fooled by fake transmissions and ended up inverticaly freeing Didact. Jul is seen serving Didact along with the other storm elites. After the death of Didact, he possibly avenges him and becomes  hand of Didact where he get the prize from the Librain thanks to Catherine (Who was probably serving Jul since she was an idiot). With the UNSC having the piece of the prize. He and the Covenant Remnant (And possibly the Prometheans) escaped Requiem as an attempt to leaveInfinity destroyed, but already escaped.


  • (Praying) My fallen lords, you may have fallen to the wrath of the heroes, but I Jul Mdama, will become the new leader of the Empire and I shall do my best to lead the Empire to complete invasion. (Stops preying) I hope the lords as in the underworld could understand.
  • Where can I find them?
  • Interest, they should be as new Empire troops, from now. (Cackles)
  • (In hologram transmission) Not so fast heroes, you may have escape, but you can't sto op the Empire, becuase I left a secret weapon to destroy your Glade of Dreams defender. (The ho, ogram of him cuts off since a bunch of giant robotic like rabbids with rabbid mecha eyes appeared)
  • Oh, sorry, everyone, we were on coffee break. Is this where we come in? ("Bloopers")

Becoming a LordEdit

He later joins the Empire and become a new lord of the Empire.


  • Hero/Empire Civil War Saga (Laff-A-Lympics), he served as a minor antagonist in the 4th and 5th movie, ad served as the main atagonist in the 6th movie. He especially served as the Empire Lords' Hand and Avenger so he can avenge the lords to lead the Empire into taking vengeance on the M.M.D.Hs.