Just Don't Get Fired

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February 14, 2013

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The Explosion

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Epic Electric Eel

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Season 1, Episode 5


Mordecai and Rigby have to do 50 jobs in 10 hours.




Benson (semi-antagonsit)


Skips (mentioned)

Muscle Man

Thomas (cameo)

Margaret (cameo)

Eileen (cameo)


(Do You Believe in Magic? is playing while Mordecai and Rigby keep slacking off work)

Benson: Grr!

(The Next Day)

Benson: Mordecai and Rigby, do you know why I have called you in here today?

Mordecai: To give us more work!

Benson: No. Mordecai and Rigby, you're in here today because it will be your final day in here!

Rigby: What do you mean? Is it getting wrecked?


(Pops walks past and hears Benson yelling)

Benson: Yeah! And look where that got you!

Pops: (opens door) What is going on, Benson?!

Mordecai: He's fired us!

Pops: BENSON! I told you to leave the firing to me! (leaves room) 

Benson: Fine! Right, guys. I'm forced to not fire you! 

M&R: Yeayuh! (high five eachother) 

Benson: So, I'm not firing you-

M&R: Not gettin' fired! Not gettin' fired! Stayin' at the Park! 

Mordecai: Still get to be in a bed!

Rigby: Still get to play video games!


Benson: Will you let me finish!? I won't fire you if you can manage to do...

Mordecai: What? 

Benson: 50 jobs in 10 hours. 

Rigby: What? Woah, woah, woah! How can you trust us? How do you know if we're slacking off?

Benson: Because I'm supervising you!

Rigby: Fine. This is gonna suck. 

Benson: Right so, first you're on snack bar duty. 

(cut to the snack bar) 

Mordecai: 'Sup, du- (looks at Benson and he is angry) I mean, Hello Sir. (looks at Benson and he is smiling) What would you like. 

Man: Err, I'll have a cake. (takes the cake) Hey, what!? A Gumball Machine? Can I have 50 gumballs?!

Rigby: No, man! That guy's our boss!

Man: Oh, sorry man! 

Rigby: That'll be $3.25. 

(Montage of 47 jobs being done, the 49th is being finished) 

Mordecai: Benson, we've raked the leaves, we've finished now, right? 

Benson: No. 

Mordecai: What? We've done 50! 

Benson: No, you haven't. 

Mordecai: Rigby told me. 

Rigby: Uhh, I told you to keep track! 

Benson: (sighs) C'mon you morons, you've done 49. It's your final job. 

Rigby: Cool, (breathes) What is it? 

Benson: Clean the, are you sure you want to hear? 

Mordecai: For our jobs. 

Benson: Crash Pit. 

Rigby: What!? 

Mordecai: That'll kill us! 


(cut to the crash pit)

Rigby: So do we just jump down? 

Benson: How idiotic are you two? There's a way all the down to the bottom! 

Rigby: Yeah, jumping! 

Benson: No, Rigby, there's a path! 

(Muscle Man comes over) 

Muscle Man: What are you doing with the crash pit, grandmas?! Sacrificing yourself? 

Benson: No, these two slackers are going in their through the path to pick up litter from there, or their fired!

Muscle Man: Oh, see ya. 

Rigby: Why does it even have to be cleaned? 

Benson: Because people randomly walk down the path! Anyways, see ya! (laughs)

Mordecai: Alright, lets go. 

(3 minutes later) 

Rigby: I hate this job. 

Mordecai: I know, This SUCKS! 

(Mordecai trips over and is hanging off) 

Rigby: Mordecai! I'll go get help!

(cut to Benson's office) 

Benson: Rigby, what is it? No wait, you've quit haven't you!? You're fired! 

Rigby: No! Mordecai's hanging off the edge! 

Benson: What? I'll get him! 

(back to the crash pit)

Benson: Mordecai! Hold my hand!

(Mordecai does it and Benson pulls him up)

Benson: Well, Mordecai and Rigby, I think I should leave this job to Skips! So, you can stay at the park! 

Rigby: Thanks!  


Alternative EndingEdit

Benson: Mordecai! Hold my hand!

(Mordecai does it and Benson pulls him up but Benson falls into the crash pit so did Mordecai and Rigby because he is holding on to Benson and at the moment they hit the ground, the scene cuts immediately to the top of the crash pit except that Mordecai, Rigby and Benson's graves are placed infront of the crash pit. The rest of the park workers stand infront of the graves, crying except for Muscle Man and High Five Ghost)

Pops: I'm gonna miss you, Mordecai and Rigby... From now on, I will be park co-owner...

Mr. Malleard: Pops,. you are promoted to park co-owner.

Muscle Man: WOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now Benson is gone, I get to-

Pops: No celebrating that your boss is dead.


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