Just a Regular Movie is a film based upon the animated Cartoon Network television series, Regular Show, and also features cameos from other characters from Cartoon Network. The movie will be released on September 3, 2013, and is considered the true 40th episode of Season 3, even though it will air drastically away from its 39th episode, Bad Kiss, which aired a year before the film.


(movie starts showing a blue, computer/technology-like room, showing many transparent screens and keyboards and such, and then the screen turns to a man wearing a black lab coat, he chuckles to himself, then turns around and is revealed to be the Cool Prosecutor from Cool Bikes)

CP: My plans are almost full. Being a stoaway on that stupid Gary's car, pssh, easy as cake. Tracking him and his little mammal friends and kill them, harder, but I can kill them. They will pay for almost killing me! They did kill my boss, Broseph though, so I'm taking over, and with my army of super-evil supervillains, no one can stop me, arrive my minions!

(a wall-like door slides up and the moon monster steps out)

Monster: Yes, those fools and their big-headed grandpa will pay for abandoning me on the moon. I was just born that day, I wasn't trying to hurt no one, and I was raised by quacking little yellow things, but luckily you rescued me and tought me proper English. They will pay, even my dad, that raccoon!

(another door slides open, and the Master Prank Caller appears)

MPC: They were friends of mine at one point, but then they hit 1,000,000 some views on WooHoo, they ruined my career. They will pay.

CP: Yes, and now there is nothing they can do to stop me! (cackles evilly)

(the logo for "Just a Regular Movie" appears, and the scene changes to the park)

Mordecai: Hey man.

To be continued

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