This is episode 3 of Season 2 of my fanons.






Benson (antagonist until the end)

Muscle Man (antagonist until the end)

High Five Ghost (antagonist until the end)

Thomas (antagonist until the end)

Wizored (antagonist)

Calco (Fanon Character)

Laser Tag Employee


Laser Tag Voice


(Benson is in his office during a meeting)

Benson: Well, we've been working extremely hard this wiki, so I think we deserve a break!

Everybody: Yes!

Benson: So, I've booked tickets to go to Laser Tag!

Pops: What is this Tag Laser?

Benson: Laser Tag is an indoor game where there's smoke, but it's not real. It's got these cool things you wear and they have laser-guns connected to it. You have to fire at the other guy's costume, in the middle, as it has a laser sensor there. You have to keep shooting the top of the other team's base and defend your base! You shoot the top of their base because that's where the laser sensor is! We are going to be in 2 teams, Green and Red, I'm picking the teams, on Green it is Mordecai, Rigby, Pops and Skips.

Green Team: Yeah! (high fiving)

Benson: Which leaves me, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost and Thomas on red! Oh Yes and greens! (the green team looks at him) I hope you're prepared to lose, I'm the best guy at Laser Tag ever! Hahahaha! (red team leaves)

Muscle Man; You're going down, ladies!

Mordecai: Oh Man, we're so dead!

Skips: Don't worry, he's trained since he was 10, but I have trained since I was 8! And don't forget, I'm other 4,000 Years Older than Benson!

Rigby: Change That Line.

M&R: Aw Yeayuh, we're so in!

(Smoke starts to appear)

Noise: Oh No, you don't!

Mordecai: Who are you?

(it appears to be the wizard from The Power and Skips Strikes)

Wizard: I am Wizored the Wizard! And I am having my revenge.

Mordecai: Revenge? Revenge on who?

Wizored: Rigby!

Rigby: Me? Why?

Wizored: You stole my keyboard!

Rigby: Oh, err, sorry.

Wizored: Now that you have to pay.

Rigby: By doing what?

Wizored: Erasing Skips' knowledge of Laser Tag!

Rigby: What!? Please, just let us win!

Mordecai: Please!

Wizored: No.

Skips: Do it!

Wizored: No!

Green Team: DO IT! DO IT!

Wizored: I don't have any magic to do it! Gee, so goodbye! Oh Yes, I will have a suprise for you during your match!

Calco (his living calculator): He's right!

Green Team: Crud!

(scene cuts to match)

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