Lunch Runch is an Season 3 Episode about When Muscle Man makes an Sandwich for Rigby out of acid, He Gets Sick Then He Kepts on doing that to pepole, that lead him to go to jail. Meanwhile Benson Gets Some Peace and Quiet from Mordicai doing the hard work.

Plot Edit

Muscle Man Felt Like doing an Trick, then He Makes Rigby an TQ Sandwitch and made it with acid, Then When Rigby ate it, He Fell to The Ground and Knocked Out. Then Muscle Man Tought it was Funny so he did on the whole gang but not Mordicai and Benson.Then When The Poilce Come Becuase Someone saw people Knocked Down and Then The Poilce were chasing Muscle Man and High Five Ghost. Then Benson Relaxs When Rigby Knocked Out, hes Up to Mordicai. Then He Gets some Pease and Quiet. Then Muscle Man Blamed it on High Five Ghost, So Muscle Man told High 5 the pla, and he escape becuase he a ghost.Then Everyone Felt Better Then Benson Starts crying in the end becuase Rigby back.

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