When Nate's dad starts spending his money on things they do not need, they soon get broke, and the gang must help him.


  • (The episode starts at the park)
  • Marty: Okay everyone I spend my money on everything so heres someing.
  • Red: Plastic eggs? I SAID GOLDEN EGGS GOSH DARNIT!
  • Zim: I said I wanted chicken to experiment, not spiders!
  • Gumball: I wanted flowers for mom, not mud!
  • Nate: Dad, when I said I want a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, I didn't say an iPad Mini!
  • Nicole: I didn't want a trash pie, I wanted a cream pie.
  • Red (Tallest): Theres suppose to be Donuts, not tires!
  • Gumball: Hey Nate can i adopt that iPad Mini?
  • Nate: Samsung is much better than iPad. In my opinion. By the way sure. (Gives Gumball the iPad)
  • Benson: Marty, do you even have something for me?
  • Marty: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't get anything for you because you're a jerk to all your workers, except Zim and Gumball.
  • Zim: Because me and Gumball serve loyalty to Benson.
  • Benson: By the way Marty, since you called me a jerk, gave everything to all of people, and most of all losing money epecially think thwt I hate people yoir fired.
  • (The sound echoes all the way to the out of the universe)
  • Benson: Now get your lazy ass out of here!
  • Marty: Heres the thing before I go. (Punches Benson) Next time someone fires me, I would kick someone in the butthole. (Storms away)
  • Nicole: Benson, he just have a hard time keeping his crap together.
  • Sonic: Keeping his stuff together is the same thing.
  • Tails: We need to figure out why Marty has problems.
  • Skoodge: First we need to figure out why Marty is been like this.
  • Zim: Meh, forget Marty, he's just a big fat idiot.
  • Nate: We need to change my father and his behavior.
  • Zim: Hey by the way Nate, I think Marty's head is big!
  • Nate: Yup.
  • Mordecai: At least its not worst than Empire trouble.
  • Nate: Thank god my father is not part of them.
  • Stewie: How about we go to my time machine to figure out whats wrong with Marty.
  • Sonic: Yeah. Good idea.
  • (At 1981, yhe gang approached from the time machine)
  • Nate: It must be when my father was young.
  • Zim: Hey that child that looked like Marty is beated up.
  • (Scene shows Young Marty being abused by bullies)
  • Bulley: So long loser hehehe. (Left)
  • Skoodge: Nate, we were trying not to stop you but let the rest of us help him.
  • (The gang except Nate helped Young Marty)
  • Nicole: We are your friends, from the future.
  • Young Marty: What? How can that be!?
  • Zim: We sent here to stop your temper problems.
  • Nate: ([Thoughts] So that's why he's always mad.) What else?
  • Young Marty: If only I hurtnthat bully, maybe it would change the future.
  • Blue: Hahaha! Thats sounds like a good idea.
  • Big Red: Does this includes notes, cause does Young Marty have a note.
  • Black: Man Big Red, everytimemyou read a note, you get upset like this "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T READ!"
  • Wander: If you want to fight back a bully then you need to have some work out.
  • Nate: And?
  • Sylvia: Including relaxing at a relax home.
  • (Back in the present the gang approached)
  • Zim: Lets see if the future becomes more good.
  • Nate: The future? How many years into the future?
  • Zim: What i meant is how we change the past.
  • (The gang sees Marty in a happy mood)
  • Red: I think it works.
  • Paz: I think so too, Marty seems to be in a very happy mood.
  • (End)

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