She guessed this was it. This creepy Victorian house would be her home indefinitely.

The wind blew the jacket that normally hung at her knees flowing beside her. She'd have to remember to get the zipper fixed on it.

A gust of wind nearly blew the bangs in front of her right eye aside, she held it in place on instinct. She never liked it exposed, though not a soul was in sight.

Strange, this was a normally busy street. Not that she minded. She hated most other people.

Stepping up to the porch, she rang the bell and waited. There was an orange and white cat sitting on the edge. Making sure no one was watching, she pushed it off with her foot. To her disappointment, the cat landed on it's feet. Stupid cat.

A brown-haired man opened the door. " Come in, come in, I have the papers in the parlor. "

The yeti girl stepped into the hallway and followed the man through some rooms into a dark room with old furniture and a few new couches.

" Don't mind the new furniture," he said. " We're going to take that with us next week."

She nodded.

The man held out his hand for her to shake. " My name is John Mckinfarhlenly Peterson. "

The woman barely touched his hand. " Mine is Kate Marylin Ash. " Her voice was low and emo. " It's nice to meet you.. John. " She let go of his hand.

" Please, I prefer people calling me by my full name. "

" Okay, then. "

" Now, what's my name ? "

Kate thought for a moment. " It's… John Mckinley Peterson ? "

" Well, if you insist on being so rude as to not address me properly, just call me John. "

" Fine. "

He narrowed his eyes at her, then handed the paper over. Strange, it looked like an ancient piece of paper, maybe centuries old. " Now, sign at the bottom of the sheet and you may live here. "

The sheet had a ton of little squiggles over to the side of it. " What's this ? "

" Oh, ah… " He adjusted the collar on his vest. " Just some marks on the paper. "

" Then why do they look so much like words ? "

" A coincidence, I guess. "

" It's funny… I have a feeling, that, if I sign this, something bad wil happen. "

" What makes you think that ? " " Like I said, just a feeling. "

He leaned forward anxiously. " Sign it. "

" What are you holding from me ? You're not behaving like you're speaking the truth, " she pressed.

' N-nothing. "

" So, what would happen if I held a magnifying glass to it ? "


She took a magnifying glass off the coffee table and held it up against the paper. There were words on it… except they were in a different language.

" What is this ? " she demanded.

" Just decoration. "

" Why didn't you tell me this before ? "

" You ask so many questions. "

" Then I'm not signing this. "

He lunged forward and grabbed her hand. Then, he took an antique pen and forced it in between her fingers.

On instinct, she twisted her wrist around, snapping his own. A few tears rolled out of John's eyes, but he grabbed with his other hand and slowly forced her to write her signature onto the paper. Once he did, the paper glowed with a purple and red hue, folded itself, and floated into John's pocket. He finally let go of Kate's hand.

" What just happened ? " she flatly asked.

John put his hand on his hips and gave a short, high laugh. " You must now live in this house for the rest of your life ! "

" … "

" Not only that, but you must follow every single rule that I have written in Latin on the side of your contract ! "

" Maybe I'll just leave anyway. "

" Oh ! But if you do, " His voice warped into a demonic-sounding screech. " You will die ! "

Kate glared at him.

A man with his shirt tucked into his pants with suspenders walked down the steps. " Excuse me, but are we leaving now ? "

" Who is that ? "

" Oh, why that's my b-" John coughed. " That's my brother. "

The man picked up a suitcase. " Can you hurry along ? This case is rather heavy… "

" I thought you were only here with your wife and two children, " Kate said.

The other man chuckled nervously.

" But I'm just, here to… help him move. "

John nodded. " My wife and children are already in their new home. "

" Whatever you say. "

John looked at her jacket. " Take it off. "

" What for ? "

It's one of the rules we have in this household. "

" Now take it off," the other man said.

Kate slid it off her shoulders and put it on the couch.

" On the coat rack ! " John spit.

She threw it on the coat rack. " There ! "

John seemed satisfied. " Well, Frederick, let's get a move on. "

They walked down the hall, and Frederick opened the door for John before exiting as well.

Kate walked over to the blinds and watched them until they left. Then she sat on the new couch.

" Ah, ah, ah ! " chided a voice from under floorboards.

Her gaze darted around. " Who's there ? "

A puff of purple smoke appeared in front of her, and there stood a little man about two feet tall. "No sitting on the couch ! "

" The heck are you ?

He stroked his short little beard. " Ehm, I'm in charge of the house while John and Fredrick are away. "

Why can't I sit on the couch ? "

" They don't want tenants dirtying up their furniture. "

" Are you saying I'm dirty ? "

The little man held a finger to his chin. " Maayybe. "

Kate just ignored this and took her jacket back off the rack. " I'm going to my job. "

" Not before you wipe off the couch cushion with a paper towel. "

" No. "

" The paper towels are in the cupboard to the left in the kitchen. "

" I'm not wiping it off. "

" But you must ! "

" I'm not-"

" IMMEDIATELY ! " he screeched.

" … " She didn't move a muscle.

He took out a remote controller and pressed the big red button. A jolt of electricity ran up Kate's arm and sent a sharp pain through her entire body.

" Now, how about getting those paper towels ? "

" F-f… fine… " she said in pain as electricity continued to torment her.

He pressed the button again, and she collapsed onto her knees." How did you do that ? " she asked in a surprisingly unfazed tone." " Seems like John slipped a little something onto you're hand during the handshake, " he chuckled.

After cleaning up the ' mess ' on the couch cushion, she stepped out the door and out of the yard. Lookin back, she could see the gremlin staring out through the curtains. Click Here!

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