Moonwalk Punchies is the fourth episode of Regular Show Adventures.


Mordecai, Rigby, and Wally are about to play a video game called Dig Champs 2: Revenge of the Mustaches. Wally said that it looked just like the cover (which in reality it didn't) then Mordecai says they should play it; but, Rigby said "We should stretch first, we don't wanna pull our Emmies, ya know what I'm saying?". However, Mordecai and Wally started it anyway, picking Players 1 and 2 but Rigby said that he wanted to be player 2 and not player 3 because he has the "sucky" TNT. Mordecai said they were the same then Wally said that he should be player 2. He also don't want to use the "sucky" TNT so they play punchies to see who gets to be it; but of course, Mordecai wins, as Rigby said that he is sick and tired of punchies, but Mordecai said he doesn't beat anybody at punchies. Rigby said that he does beat people at punchies, but Wally said that he doesn't. Then a flashback-montage shows that Rigby has been beaten at punchies by Muscle Man, Pops, and even Skips, who made Rigby seriously injured by damaging one of his butt cheeks (making him be called the "One-Cheek Wonder"). Rigby overreacts and trashes Mordecai's room, and finds an ad on a phone book for a martial arts class called Death Kwon Do-Si-Do. Despite the class being for self-defense dancing, all Rigby wants to use the moves for is for revenge against Mordecai and Wally, which the Sensei does not appreciate; then, he saw the death punch dance and wanted to use it, but the sensei said he is not pure apart. Rigby said that the sensei is not pure apart with the "crappy" mullet so the sensei gets mad and turned and said when he gets to 3 of death Rigby will be toast; however, Rigby steals the death punch dance from the book and learns to use it. The first time he tried it, it failed, but it said he needed a mullet. He tried it again but still couldn't do it. He looked at the picture and realized he needed cutoffs and he did it. Rigby then conquers the park with his new punch and makes the inhabitants his slaves and also getting revenge on the ones who beat him, causing Mordecai and Wally to stop him and learn another Death Kwon Do-Si-Do move called the Death Block Dance. They use the Death Block Dance against Rigby’s Death Punch Dance; unfortunately, their fight gets them trapped inside a lava pit due to the crumbling earth. Rigby will not stop fighting until he beats Mordecai at punchies. Mordecai then remembers how many times he beat Rigby in punchies. In order to save themselves, Mordecai pretends that Rigby beat him, falling onto the ground and "moaning" in pain. Rigby stops punching, but now they are being surrounded by lava and are going to die. Wally has two moves that can get himself, Mordecai and Rigby out of the lava pit: the Death Dump and the Death Jump, the latter is chosen and they make it out of the lava pit. Back at the house, he lets Rigby be player 2 in the video game they were playing earlier, Dig Champs 2. When Rigby loses on the first round in the first twelve seconds, he wants to be player 3 now, as he did not know the snails in the game were bad.


  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Wally
  • Pops
  • Skips
  • Muscle Man
  • High-Five Ghost
  • Sensei

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